Boredom and Intelligence


Would you agree that feeling bored or not feeling bored has a lot to do with intelligence? Thats what I think..I may be wrong..but..I know I am right..:D
There was one time I used to get bored too. And, I used to get so bored that I would want to shout. But..then one day I thought..why am I wasting my life getting bored. Why not work on something. Do anything. And, that is when I figured it out. An intelligent mind will find interest in whatever is available and develop it until something new happens and that is how creativity operates. That is how something becomes of nothing..That is how mankind progresses and grows.

If you can conquer will grow. Even if through meditation. Growth, of course, means change in environment caused by you.. and end of boredom for those around you too. Because feeling boredom is admitting that you cannot initiate anything and you must wait for something to happen. That is not a very good way to live nor can you be happy like that.

‘That TV show is boring’ we say. Tune in anyway. Try to create interest in your mind. Try this. You will find something entertaining in that show. The exercise is so that you can defeat boredom when it attacks you..:)
This is a way to make your mind your subject and tool and not be a subject of the mind which does weird stuff due to the million different influences on it day and night…you Get what I am trying to say?
Imagine a life where you never get bored..resist less..accommodate more and thus learn and define more..thats a good way to exist and this approach is what will unleash your creativity and soon you will start to discover yourself and see how so many doors open for you. Control your mind…

Well ..folks..thats my thought of the day… not bored oh ye who art bored!

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