Still a lie..


Deception has been legitimized by humanity. If it gets you benefit..go right ahead and lie buddy! And, we, the people… will most willingly fall for it.

In fact, the art of deception is taught to us from early childhood. We deceive kids. We get deceived. And we love it. We love the illusion of fiction. And slowly, with time.. deceptions become a part of our lives and we learn to deceive.

Honestly now..can we be COMPLETELY honest ALL the time? Yes, of course, we can be. And, at one time.. people used to be honest all the time. But then, life was not the way it is now. And since deception started, life changed too.

Media lies. Politicians lie. Books lie. News lies. Even many religious men lie. If a benefit is perceived, anyone lies. And, if someone is brutally honest, he/ she is resented. Even though, this person WILL surely be more successful then the liars. But, deceiving is common and the common man does not hesitate to lie.

I have even known people who lied to me by swearing on the Holy Book. I have known people who lied to me swearing on God. They suffered. They suffer. But, they continue living in their lies. They dare not reveal the truth. Why?

Why do human beings lie?

Fear. Ego. Lust. Desire. Greed. Hatred. Resentment. Low Self Esteem. All of which equals to just one thing: Failure…even if delayed.

Oh but then they do prosper. They do make money. They do get away with a lot. But, then they don’t. Every secret and every lie is revealed at some point in time. A year, ten years or even fifty.. all does get revealed and they do suffer. If not them , then their generations. Lets not talk about what will happen to them on the day they die or when Judgement happens.. some people want to talk about justice NOW.. not later..

Another important question: What kind of fools FALL for the lies?

Only in the past ten years, I have seen news items on TV that are absolute and OBVIOUS lies.. but a majority of people actually truly .. and with all their heart and emotion.. believe in them! HOW? Are we to conclude that most of humanity are damn fools anyone can manipulate by shouting out a lie long enough? I guess so. I could give many examples throughout history, but it would offend some people. That is why I will refrain. I could dissect some views and perceptions and reveal to you how they come from a hilarious, ridiculous LIE!

Seriously, thousands of people DIE for a lie. That is how much we have started to live in deception now.

I met a couple in Jeddah outside a mall. They were from Pakistan. The guy said, we came here for UMRA and we lost our passports and money. So, give us some money and we will get new passports and travel back to Pakistan.   They seemed so DECENT and religious. So full of prayers and good words. I very genuinely felt bad for them. And, the first thing that came to my mind was that I should contact our embassy and make them do something about this. They even had a kid.

I was heading towards the mall with a friend of mine at the time. But, I called my driver who is also a Pakistani and well connected in Jeddah because he has been there for 30 years. He knew people at the embassy. The couple kept telling me that I did not have to go through all this trouble. That I must have other things to do. I told them, whatever I have to do.. can wait. They seemed grateful. Then the driver came. I told him to fix their issue and if money was required in the process I would give him. He offered to get them a place to stay until the embassy issued new passports and their issue was reported to and resolved by authorities here and that he would put them on the plane and ensure that they get home safely. Great..I told him.. and as I told him this.. me , the driver and my friend saw the couple RUNNING AWAY! WHAT?

Liars. You can never offer anything genuine to a liar except fall for his deception.. that is what he needs.

And.. think about it. We are falling for and treating deception like the ultimate truth daily.

Fake videos. Fake pictures. Fake stories. Fake fears and Fake lives..

Someone is always putting out a lie for some reason. And media is the one that carries it happily to each home. Because media notices millions of people happily tuning in to it.

Dear All,

I don’t care how convinced you are about all the events that have taken place in the past 20 years.. I consider most of them deceptions and lies.

I don’t care HOW convincing the words of a politician are.. until action takes place.. it is still.. just a LIE.

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