Peace is Possible..but..


I grew up with different races and nationalities around me. I have enjoyed it a lot and I have learnt alot. So much variety and so many different perceptions on this Earth. Human Beings are an amazing creation of Allah..The Supreme Creator. SubhanAllah.
I have prayed Salah in a Church (there was no mosque around). I have had long friendly debates with Jews, Christians and Hindus. I have seen some people revert to Islam after working with me and I have resolved differences between people successfully. Yes, peace is possible.
Why don’t we have peace then?

I may sound naive..but think about it. What is with these pointless wars and issues? Religious differences? Racial differences? What?
It is all about power and money. Yes, the desire for it destroys peace. And that is what is going on. Game of Supremacy. A very sad thing. A fault in this otherwise amazing creation. A fault that has killed millions of innocent people. Ego. I, Me, Mine. And get this..all economies are in fact suffering because of it. More than that..the common folks who just want to live in peace..

Mature family men ordering wars and executions..How does this make any sense?

It is happening..and what a loss it is!

Leaving people alone is the way to peace. But, people do not leave people alone. People do not enjoy people. They must destroy and acquire. They must make changes. They do not like variety anymore..they want uniformity. Madmen.

For example, I really do not know what the heck America gets by trying to turn a monarchy into a democracy. No people of any nation has asked them for it…I do not get it. In the past decade, this nation has caused more damage than any terrorist ever did.It is too obvious and this is what all people anywhere say. So, why are they continuing with spreading hatred for themselves in people and taxing their own me. It baffles me actually because American people are one of my favourite people Only because their minds are or were open to the world and I have many American friends too. But..this is about the elite and government..who obviously have no care for the people of America.

Why can’t America just say: look folks..we are running out of resources and freaking out now..make a deal with us? Please?

I swear the world loved America so much that they would have happily doubled investments there..but..this
was not to be.

Bullying. Some nations like to bully other nations. And those other nations get bullied easily too. Strong Ego…Weak Ego.. but ego nevertheless..

Sad really..

One thought on “Peace is Possible..but..

  1. Right again. Power. Wealth. Ego…..The Three Amigos of aggression. And who led the US into Iraqi? President Dimwit.
    All that aside, what would you have done with Hitler? Chamberlain was played for a fool.

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