Scooby Dooby Dooooo!

In the good old days, the Mystery gang would go and solve a mystery and unveil the culprit posing as a ghost or monster disturbing people somewhere..
We used to watch Scooby Doo every day. A favorite cartoon.

Until last week, they were showing reruns of the original cartoon on the Boomerang channel. Then, the new version came out..and I saw it by some chance.

The new version has better animation, more detail and looks very cool. Scooby Doo and Shagy and the gang go to a place where there are Zombies and ghouls. I expected them to be people with masks..but, the story got seriously disgusting as it developed!

In one scene, Daphne tries to pull off the ‘mask’ of a Zombie, but instead pulls out his head. He takes his head and puts it back on and starts growling. All ghosts, Zombies and creatures in the new Scooby Doo were real and real magic tricks like Voodoo Dolls and other practices were shown. Stuff you would see in a minimum ‘PG’ rated movie is shown in a cartoon for children.

As if that’s not enough, what I saw next was amazing too! Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck..
The whole cartoon revolves around BB and DD fighting over a HARDLY dressed lady ( all details shown) and in the end BB wins and turns DD into a baby and gives him away to a Duck family while the lady waits for him in a huge limo.. BB says: they got a baby and I got my babe..
Cartoon for kids..or Playboy?

Apart from kissing, flirting, nudity, suggestive images and double meaning dialogue, new cartoons with the same old names show Real violence and destruction..

Who is allowing this?

As I watch MBC 2 right now. I see a love scene..and hey! There is another one too..

Who is allowing this?

Cartoons are no longer innocent and so the ones watching them shall not be innocent. Kids WILL and do talk of things we did not when we were kids. They now think of what we never even imagined. So how do you expect them to be in their teens?

Cartoons? Are you kidding me?? Cartoons for little kids showing stuff for adults? Scooby Doo? Whaaat? What is the purpose of this? What messages are you sending?
What the heck does a rabbit called Bugs Bunny have to do with a gorgeous blonde wearing little shorts and a small top with body parts clearly shown??? What awareness are you giving to our kids?

The obsession with sex shows clearly in most art work of people globally now! Commercial eroticism and violence is not controlled in any media anymore to be honest!

We are playing with the minds of our kids now. We show them violence and shamelessness and then try to implement righteousness!

All kinds of psychological disorders, killing techniques, amazingly sick imaginations are now shown in even simple TV shows..

Scooby Dooby Doo? Monsters are real, daphne having an affair with the blonde dude, shagy and scooby over eating specific stuff ( that needs to be sold worldwide) A LOT!

Have cartoons now become dirty tricks?

Honestly folks, cartoons are like movies you need to censor for your child!

3 things are being promoted BIG time through all channels with no care for children: violence, homosexuality, nudity (of women mostly).

This is what’s shaping innocent little minds now..

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