The MALL.. a Horror Story.


I have written several times and in many articles that if you implement western education SYSTEMS then you have to be flexible about Islamic Restrictions..because the Western Education System developed from the Western CULTURE which is not influenced by religion at all. Any attempt to maintain both will lead to a historical and remarkable failure and degeneration of society. No one seems to get this but everyone is witnessing the result I promise. Chaos. Our education systems should be based on our BELIEF.

It is Wednesday. For years, I have hated going out to Malls or shopping areas on the weekend. No. The traffic is no good and every tom, dick and harry are out there making a fool of themselves. Today, however, I thought.. what the heck.. let’s go. I thought I would take my son and his cousins to the Panorama Mall so they can have fun on the rides and we could all chill and chit-chat.

We went after the Isha prayer. Around 9.

At the gate were parked two PVPV cars. So, I could tell that these men of  Virtue had some serious work going on for them inside this mall. At the gate, the guards were dressed like they were about to control a riot. At almost every entrance a whole bunch of teenagers were BEGGING the guard to let them in, even if for a few minutes.

Inside, FULL. Lots of people. Little girls in full blast make up of cabaret artists. Obviously, all dressed up for the attention they are now getting used to. Everyone running to everywhere. The few lucky guys that made it in could not stop staring at the females. The Mutawas were TOO busy stopping people and lecturing them. Trust me, everyone they stopped and lectured.. needed to be lectured. I would do it, if they did not!


Why are guys dressed like GAYS? Why are the little innocent girls looking like dancers from a club? A sad and pathetic site to be very honest. I saw hundreds of teenagers today. All without purpose, without a mission, without a challenge ( except to get a chic), without motivation. I even saw one guy being dragged away by the police from within the Mall, handcuffed and all. I don’t know what he had done…I was , to be very honest, SHOCKED today.

It is VERY clear that the INNOCENCE of kids is going. It is very clear that parents don’t care. It is very clear that the criteria of success and growth is NOT ISLAM anymore. It is very clear that our societies are heading , at full speed, towards destruction.

Segregation is good if deprivation is minimal and marriage is easy. OK? You cannot make marriage difficult and then segregate men and women …it will backfire and it has backfired. Young men and women need a BIGGER purpose then just passing the damn exams and getting a degree. They need to KNOW there is MORE to life then studying and making money.  Finishing an exam and end of semester does not mean you are now free to do AS YOU Please…There is a higher purpose called : Being A True Believer of Allah and gaining Wisdom from the Quran.

Tell me which school is raising these kids to be that? What are our schools teaching our kids anyway? Because when I see them outside, I just see pathetic horny little buggers being absolute brats and even criminals sometimes. You know what this tells me? BAD UPBRINGING and a FAILING EDUCATION SYSTEM. Bad upbringing is due to confused and lost parents and failing education system is due to our STUPID effort to IMPORT systems and not generate systems based on OUR faith and Knowledge. Not to mention the SICKENING commercialization of education.. Education is a BUSINESS now..

Anyone who tries to study the science of Islam or becomes a student of it is considered a “Mutawa”.. This word is slowly becoming a bad word no one wants to be called by.. HOW TRAGIC is that? In reality, being a Mutawa is being a superior, wiser and more accomplished human being. It should be the target. Instead, it is the dreaded state now…


What you SHOW your kids as a BIG DEAL is what becomes a BIG DEAL for them. What you forbid without giving the understanding of Pros and Cons is what they are TEMPTED to do and often DO. What you fail to listen to and respond to is what they tell the whole wide world. And, my friends, they see right through your double standards and respond to it in the worst possible way because of their immaturity. BE careful with them..

The people we call Christians, Jews and Westerners in general do not behave this way.. their upbringing, education and social life CONFIRMS to their way of thought and life. And us? Just impressionable little fools trying our very best to BE less than what we can be because we live the illusion of west (as we adopt from Media .. which itself is corrupt and partial) and treat the teaching of our faith and belief as just a 45 min class , once in a while. That is not what it is..

The majority of the population here is young men and women. Look at what we are leading them to…their destruction!

For the first time in my life, the PVPV agents looked like a blessing. IF they were not in that mall today. If they were restricted from being there and if single guys were allowed in.. I Promise you..  harassment would happen like it happens nowhere. We are raising a generation of virtually dangerous people. A greater danger to themselves. Volatile, lost and angry. WHY? Look within and you will get an answer to this..


Desperate times call for desperate measures. And desperate measures are required NOW. We should not wait.




5 thoughts on “The MALL.. a Horror Story.

  1. Completely agree with your here.

    Our education, culture, way of life, and our fantasy should stem out from what we believe. If I am a true Muslim, my dream should be getting a wife in a way Islam dictate and the society should facilitate it. However, our youth watch western movies and society does not facilitate marriage either, and it is thus a natural consequence that they harbor haram fantasies of boy friend and girl friend and eventually attempt to realize their fantasies. However, despite creating the double standards, society expects that the youth will never attempt to realize their haram fantasy and hopes that they will turn into mutawwas somehow. This never happens, as the youth finds the expectation of a hypocritical society to be unrealistic. The depravation of basic needs like human companionship and sex because of unavailability of lawful means makes the youth distracted from a higher purpose of living this life and turn them into frustrated, aimless creatures.
    Thanks brother for constantly brining this issue into your blog. I hope our parents understand this simple issue. Allahul Mustaan.

  2. “Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.” Attributed to Socrates by Plato

    You’re not the first nor will you be the last to rant about youth. Trust me. I taught for 35 years. Most of these children will become contributing members of your society. Don’t blame the education system. It is a reflection of your society.

    I am not Muslim but have read the Qur’an and if I remember correctly Allah (PBUH) says that youth will stray off the path but most will return. It’s the nature of being young and He is all forgiving, all merciful. If you believe in the strength of Islam you have to trust that it will withstand the onslaught of outside influences. Not all of which are bad.

    I live in a multi-cultural society so education based on one religion is impossible. Muslim girls wearing headscarves and abayas sit next to Sikhs who sit next to Cahtolics who sit next to atheists and they are taught by a Black Rastafarian with dreadlocks. For the most part everyone gets along. We have the same ‘horny little buggers’ but they know that with the freedom of mingling with the opposite sex comes responsibility. Isn’t this Allah teaches?

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