I won’t mention them, but lots of food chains are now…pathetic when it comes to service…and even food. It’s like ..come, eat, pay and get lost!

It was not like this before.

In all the places that I have been to in this world, I have seen businesses struggle to keep up the good standard. To get good service in Saudi Arabia now is..shocking!

Lousy, crappy, incompetent, highly disgusted and absolutely untrained, unprofessional staff! And even worse managers AND greedy owners. They hire the cheapest guy, not the best guy.

We used to get coffee from often. Few weeks ago, upon going there after a long time, I noticed something. The line of customers was too long. I looked at the staff inside.
Believe it or not, when the Saudi boys were working inside, service was excellent! No lines, quick service and smiling guys. What happened to them? They were gone! I saw just 3 new guys ( who probably never worked in a cafe) from somewhere else struggling to get things done. Get it? Cheaper staff..cost cut.

I have said this a zillion times..there are some jobs that Saudi people are good in and there are certain jobs they will never do. Also, when hiring, don’t look at the cost..look at ability and skill. A good employee will do wonders for your business!

This is one area you don’t mess with and this is where every establishment in ksa is trying to save money! What do you expect?
Also, who is training your staff?

Think think think!

7 years ago..I hired a team of people for Western Union. That country manager and that team did wonders for the otherwise unknown service in Saudi Arabia. Today, that country manager and that staff are sidelined by the stupid bosses abroad and business is where it is. Not growing. Reason? Politics, corruption and ‘saving’. Nonsense!

Here is what will happen..many giants will fall hard and many midgets will get tall just because they have smarter decision makers that hire companies like mine to manage their human… Seriously though, this is what will happen.

We have already replaced with a new cafe..small..just opened but better service. Many will eventually. You losing one customer should be a major concern. Be smart!

Anyway..said my piece. Sick of bad service.

One thought on “SERVICE PLEASE!

  1. Kinda makes it easy for the start-ups to have an edge in the market, like you said. Maybe it would take this kind of competition from small businesses for these big ones to start stepping up their game!

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