Famous vs Great


We see a lot of famous people today. Lots and lots. But, when we talk about great people..they are often names from the past. From history.

All the great women we talk about are in history books, all the famous women are all over the media now..
Amongst men, there are but a few living legends..otherwise, just the famous guys.

So, what is important? To achieve greatness or become famous?

I often see people with great potential to be great insist on being just famous and waste their lives.

All Prophets were great men. And, great people today try to always do the things that great men did so that they too can achieve some of that greatness. To rise above the ego. To rise above weakness..

I said ‘great people today’..very few!
Because, most of humanity does things or tries to do things that famous people do. And, they consider great acts as pointless.

To be patient, forgiving and kind. To have faith in God. To persist on goodness. All this sounds good. But, when life needs us to do all this, we freak out. Honesty scares people.

I know a great shaikh who lent someone 500,000 and the man could not pay him back even after signing an agreement. He let it go when he discovered the man really could not pay.
Later, at some point, he was down on cash and could not pay his employees. His most trusted worker started bothering him. He started insisting on his salary knowing his boss had problems. He got rude. At the same time, the teaboy told me privately that he could wait for his boss to pay indefinitely because his boss is a good man and that he prays for him to get out of this issue. In all this, I saw two great men and one low life. In just one month, this gentlemen got his financial situation fixed. He paid the ‘ trusted’ worker and fired him. He gave a huge bonus to the teaboy and made him his PA. Bad times revealed the reality of people around him. The ‘ famous’ employee lost because he lacked greatness and the unknown teaboy won because of his great patience and understanding.

A good example people…

Your popularity and skill does not make you great. Your ability to see reality and reflect fairly makes you great.
And, if you are not great and just famous..then you are walking on thin ice..
Often, great people get famous and just famous people die unknown..

Choose greatness..not fame. Choose greatness through real submission to Allah and by following the way of His great worshippers….

Thats smart.

Good night..

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