My sponsor is a close friend. In fact, I have partners, friends, investors, commercial registrations and a whole network of Saudis that are like brothers and sisters and we do a variety of things in business happily. Alhamdulilah.

In doing so, I have complete authority in transferring people to our sponsorship, putting huroob on them, sending them on exit only and/or keeping them happy.
So, I know the feel of power and authority.
It so happens that you get an employee who is rude and basically a jerk. The temptation of making his life miserable is strong. Very.
This happened to me last week.

I kept silent. An associate, non-saudi arab advised me to send that guy back home. I kept silent.

The man had been rude to me. Not committed a crime. If he had, police would do their job. He had been rude to me. Why?


Being sponsored is bad..being the sponsor is terrible. You need to make decisions and be fair. Everyone cannot be fair. Impossible.

I forgave him.

I dedicate this post to all those people who are Sponsors.

Dear Sponsors,

Our lives are forever. There will come a time when we will all stand in front of our Creator together. All man-made systems will have ended. All countries will perish and all human beings will be judged.
When our money, sons and power will mean nothing. When all that will matter will be the good we did and the faith we had.

The Kingdom has given you, the citizen, the right to be the guarantor of the people you bring into this country. That is some amount of power you have been given. Power over another human being. A creation that can only belong to God, never you. I know, all of you cannot be patient. I know many of you want to make ends meet and make the most out of people who work for you. I know the pressure and the temptation.
I also know that you are Muslims.

There was a time when men feared Allah. When they thought long and hard before they made decisions. Men do not do that anymore. We have forgotten some very basic facts of life..we do not take the words of Allah seriously. We must.


We are too busy. We are too lost in ‘me’..we are so worldly now. So, we fear. And, fear of people makes us do things we will regret one day. We want to be rich, we are in a hurry and hurdles make us angry. We want to please society and be respected and society is degenerating.

A Bangladeshi, a Nepali, a Phillipino or an African…all as much human and dignified as me and you. All going through the same conditions. All in this rat race!

The number of Huroob cases has risen to alarming levels. I get calls from mature, respectable family men who are unable to provide for their families just because one of you Sponsors declared them as runaway! Maybe they did runaway, maybe they did not. Whatever your motivation to do this was, fear of God and respect for humanity was missing. You made someone’s life miserable. Bravo!
Do you honestly think that you will not be questioned for this? And, you will suffer if found guilty.
Because Allah may forgive you sins against yourself, but He will be fair in your violation of another human being. Huqooq al Ebad. 70% of your religion is about your dealing with others.

Dear Sponsor,
The Kingdom gave you the responsibility of protecting the country, representing it positively and representing Islam. Not play Pharoah!
In your allegiance to the King, the State and nation, you must display nobility and sincerity.
You must not lie to the government agencies, mislead them and send them on a wild goose chase just so that you can rest!
The Saudi Visa is a grant from the king allowing someone to enter and live here, it is not a commodity for sale. DO not try to make money out of it. That is betrayal.

Do the right thing and see how you get so much more than what Pharoah got!

If you sponsor a large number of people, you can get lots and lots of prayers and good wishes..why choose being cursed and hated?

By all means, act against the criminal, the traitor and the cheater..but well within the law and not by abusing privilege.

Release people, generate gratitude, give opportunity, build lives and be the Saudi you should be..

Irfa3 rasak unta S3oodi..

Enjoy friday..may it be blessed.

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