I was thinking that a day should no longer be 24 hours. It should be 36 hours long. Too much to do. Too much traffic. Too little time…..saher.. fines…umph!

My son’s school. Why 7.30 AM? WHY?? What science of the mind and human studies have produced this timing. What genius came up with this timing? And what brought about the law of everything closing at 11 pm?  ( Different Topic)

The reason why I am bothered about it is not because I have had to change my own timings. Its ok. I adjusted finally and set my mind. The reason I am so concerned about these timings is because of the CRAZINESS I experience each morning while driving. I see half sleepy, distressed and “in a hurry” dads and drivers racing all over town. I see little accidents. I see traffic jams and I hear lots of car horns and cursing. HASTE!

Everyone is IN  A HURRY. What for? What will happen if we slow down? What is the loss in that? Shall we calculate it? I have a mind that questions every aspect of life. As a child, when I was asked to do something, I often asked ” What if I don’t?”… Its my right to ask that, right? So, what if I dropped my son at not 7.30 but 7.45? I mean what if schools stayed open from 8 AM to 9 PM. What if they had teachers working in shifts and classes were repeated. And, what if we could choose the time slot in which we wanted to attend?  Schools would cater to more students and make more money. Think about it.

And, this could be applied to everything. People go at their convenience without being late. I am sure that the number of road accidents in this city would decrease. Haste does kill ya know!

So who wants us all to be in a hurry? Who is enslaving us? Yes, that is correct. We are being enslaved. Run to do this, run to do that bla bla bla!

Come on now! With all this technology. Smart phones, internet, easy communication and what not..do I need to BE somewhere on TIME?  So much can be done. But, because of haste .. we are no longer creative.

Haste also causes STRESS.

You should look at the stressed out faces of people in the morning. Everyone is angry at everyone. And, slowly but surely, this is becoming the NATURE or people. To be in a hurry always and to be under stress. What a destruction of the mind! Have you noticed how everyone practically RUNS to the doors in a mosque right after prayer? They block the entrance and push and pull and then jump on the shoes and slippers and squish them and basically GO together. Where to? What is the hurry? WHAAT?

Honestly guys, how many times do we really need to be ON TIME? I am never late for appointments, meetings, and my work. I have never ever been late. If I tell you I will meet you at 8 , I , sir, will MEET you at 8 Sharp..INSHALLAH. You maybe late, I won’t mind.. but I will not be late ever. But then, I am not in a hurry. I leave at the right time and get there at the right time. In between these times when I have appointments or meetings, I am not in a hurry. I am not in a hurry for no reason. I don’t run out of the mosque. I don’t push people out of the way. This way, I feel lesser stress and I am not really bothered.. A minority of people live like this too. I am one of them..

I used to stay up until fajir and then sleep until 12. I sleep at 11 and get up before fajir. So, by 7.15, I am fresh.. ready to drop my kid to school. And, I have done some work too from 5 to 7. Two hours. I don’t get up at 7.05 , wake up my wife and kid.. run to the bathroom. And then run to the car, Oh me Oh mine and then speed to school. Most do.

So, either the world should have better timings or we should find ways to manage time. But, we must avoid HASTE at all cost..

( Reading this post…TOO MANY “I”s.. astaghfurullah!… just giving my own example folks..)

2 thoughts on “HASTE!

  1. I live by this rule: The time of the appointment is secondary to the time I must leave home in order to be on time. I calculate in 10 minutes for the imprevisible.

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