Monkey Business


Do you have any clue how much money is lost in cheating and deceptions daily here?

Our Wakeel went to the Labor Office to resolve a small issue for a client. A person sitting behind a monitor asked him what the issue was. He told him that he needed an approval for something. The guy asked him if he was in a hurry. Our wakeel told him , yes. So, the guy said.. give me a thousand riyals and consider this resolved. The man gave him the thousand. The guy then went somewhere and was never seen again. The Wakeel went to an officer and said, where is that guy who was here? I just gave him 1000 to do something. The man laughed “who?? He probably does not work here”…


Ok, the man felt stupid. But, he had been up since 5 AM and he was dead tired. He made a mistake.

What is going on here?

It seems that everyone is willing to do anything for a quick buck. A friend just told me that him and his brother lost 86,000 to a man who was authorized to take a payment on behalf of a service provider. He took the payment and took off. Two parties lost 86000.


Thats it. People have lost the fear of authority and of being caught. More than that, they have no fear of consequence, God or dishonor. They will do ANYTHING to fulfill the need they have. Just look at the amount of loans taken from banks and just see the list of defaulters. The law suits and the mess!

What the heck is going on?

The more I see this, the more disgusted I get. Some people, however, are getting angry. And, if ONE MORE guy tries to con them, they may just break the guy into pieces. I can feel the rage building. In decent folks.

The scary part is this: Someone you have known for years. Someone you think is a good person. Someone you cannot even think bad about… CONS YOU. Brothers deceiving bothers. Sob stories and dramas. People are doing anything to get by.


Competition. Inability to say NO to wife and kids. Being part of the never ending race. Connecting respect with possessions. Showing off. Jealousy and desperation. Lack of intelligence and simplicity… the list can go on and on. But these are the reasons. The biggest one being LAZINESS and the UNWILLINGNESS to work AND the desire to be rich overnight.

What does that make these people? Sick. Yes. Mentally sick.

We need programs now. We need a new education program and groups and associations that bring back the minds to where they were. We need to take immediate action. Corrective measures. We need to set standards and make people realize that they need to SLOW DOWN.

The good thing about today is that IF you choose to live a simple life or a life you can afford easily, you can. The opportunity and means are there. The only thing is, you may lose a few friends and the respect of certain groups in society. So? Let them NOT like you. In fact, they can go  *&)$&)&!@$)! themselves! Why destroy yourself for others?

This Monkey Business HAS GOT TO STOP.


I am very serious.


One thought on “Monkey Business

  1. Its a sorry state of mind where some people want to be someone known or show they are associated to someone big or well known. In another words show off, trying to live a life beyond means even if it means you have to beg, steal or borrow to live a ‘good life’.

    This is how materialistic the society has evolved. People want to know you only if you can benefit them in some way or another. If you can’t then you lack intelligence, ambition to grow or are not aggressive enough.

    There is no place left for honesty is the best policy.

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