You and Me or We?

We are all children of Adam. We all come from the same heaven and we all go back to the same place. We stand divided though. We have built walls around ourselves and in pursuit of ‘uniqueness’ and living in the illusion of ‘I’, we have developed prejudice and boundaries. Hey but we all know this. Boring boring..

As individuals, we develop friendships with people from ‘enemy’ nations often. Like a turk becoming friends with a greek, an indian with a pakistani and so on. Happens. Sometimes, these friendships become bonds we can not even imagine breaking. We overlook all differences and we live in these friendships peacefully. This phenomena proves that humans do bond easily under the right circumstances. Right circumstances means absence of the garbage our minds are fed throughout our lives and in a situation where people from different nations share a goal. We then work together, build together and find prosperity. Every successful project in KSA is the result of a Saudi, an Arab, an Asian, an African, a Westerner and others working together as a team and sharing bonds that generate trust and respect. Think about it.

What if Aliens attacked earth? A totally different race of non-human beings try and take over earth? We would forget our differences and unite to destroy them. Though some of us will be and can be stupid enough to try and make a deal with them just so that they gain ‘superiority’ over others. But, a majority of nations would unite.

The funny thing is..and this is a fact: all humans on earth today share the same goal. To be wealthy and settled. Every person from every nation speaks of this. Its what we all want. We wear the same clothes (generally), speak the same language when needed( english unites us) and watch the same TV shows. Yet, we remain divided.

Confused species?

This is hilarious: I was talking to a guy who ‘illegally’ provides IT solutions to huge companies in Riyadh. Every one of his workers is illegal. He told me that no one really checks Identification cards anymore because recent deportations of workers has created a vacuum in the market. You can’t find labor easily. Visas are not issued easily. So how will work in the city get done?
Will a Saudi be my driver? Can I get a Saudi house maid? Can Saudis be barbers, tailors, house boys, tea boys, housekeeping staff?
So if visas are restricted and Saudis won’t do small jobs, who will?
The illegal expatriate. And no one will check them.

In all hotels in Makkah and Medina, the housekeeping and junior staff are working there illegally. No check. If they are checked, hotels will stop working- there will be chaos.

So what now?

Does that make you feel secure? What if one of the housekeeping guys steals your money and takes off? Not sponsored by the hotel.

By the time the guy is caught, your Umra or visit visa will be expiring and if you don’t leave on time, you pay a huge fine. Fine?

Here is the point I am trying to make:

Let’s work together as humanity to develop the human race and not make policies that divide us so much. All nations Need each other to develop their own homes.
Let’s be friends instead of divided, confused and frustrated ‘unique’ people.

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