Friday Prayer: Islamic Awareness

I don’t have any political views. I believe the Quran and Sunnah to be the true wisdom of life. I have no opinions about any leader in this world, nor do I feel I have the right to simply because I have no clue what kind of people they really are.
I don’t care to talk about what the PVPV does or does not do.
But, there is a point I want to make.
In the friday prayers today, the imam was talking about new technology such as smart phones giving people access to dirty pictures and chats and sharing of wrong information, pictures and videos. True. We do have more exposure now. We do share more and meet many new people whenever we want to. Sometimes, this can even lead to crimes. I do agree.
As a sane adult though, I will decide and choose how I want to use technology. That’s my right and my test. The challenge is to not resist change but to be constant regardless of change. That’s what a muslim is supposed to do.
If people are abusing a facility, we do not shut down the facility- we educate the people.
I mean, what do I get from cursing technology? There is good and bad in all things. If someone is choosing the bad, they are hurting themselves. Right? Surely, we cannot be responsible for the private choices and actions of each person, we can inform.
They choose.
The act of drinking alcohol is bad. Alcohol itself can have benefits or dangers. Its dangers are greater than its benefits, so muslims are told not to touch it. That’s common sense. If someone does not use their common sense and chooses to drink what will harm them, is there anything me and you can do about it? No. Law acts when someone’s wrong act leaks out into society and may hurt someone. Like drunk drivers.
For a Muslim, to act openly or secretly against Allah and His Prophet is an issue that they will have to deal with and will be judged for. This awareness is what education is supposed give people.

We cannot make people live in isolation without exposure to technology and the rest of the world. We Can and Should, however, educate them by defining the pros and cons of an act. Someone sitting online is not bad. Someone sitting online looking at porn and chatting with Lolita may also not be bad, but what they are doing is harming them, and someone needs to tell them this with wisdom and examples. Saying NO is not it. Making someone realize their wrong and then them choosing to refrain and be wise should be goal of education.
Common sense. Islamic sense. Awareness. Right choices. Not judgement, hatred, anger and isolation. That won’t work. It never has. It never will.

Our youth, us..all of us should be smart enough to have the right priorities, use technology, substances and relationships wisely for self benefit and find prosperity so that we can GIVE to life and mankind and not be a burden. Our elders, religious scholars and decision makers should provide the education system that produces such persons and thus a whole nation can live a clean life by choice and not by force, breeding frustration and resentment in the hearts..

Just my view..

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