What IS..

Acceptance of what IS.
Difficult, isn’t it?
It is, yes. Sometimes.

I have seen many lives destroyed, many hearts broken and many people extremely disappointed for one reason alone. They could not accept what they were in and they acted without accepting their reality, making choices that caused great pain to them. Of course, I am not above this. I have done it too. And, I have suffered. And so, this post.

The greatest issue of today is the inability or unwillingness of people to accept the status they have. Most people cannot digest the fact that they cannot afford to buy what someone else can. I know many people who can easily afford a nice Toyota Tercel yet they remain without a car insisting that they will buy at least a BMW. There is a difference in what could be and what IS. In not accepting what is, these people start to impose on others, getting jealous, getting disappointed and hurt and basically being a problem for society. Sadly, the population of these people is large and getting larger.
A race.
Consider the number of loan defaulter cases in KSA. Huge. We will not accept what is and we will go out of our way to get what WE think should be.
Today, a family of 3 spends what a family of 7 can live on.
Too many men lie to their families about what they really can and cannot do. It seems love is based on what one has now.

I still don’t get how a salesman in a company feels that he too has the right to have what the owner has.
I know a Bedouin who speaks no English, has no formal education, has no global experience or any real know how, yet he feels he should be getting what the GM gets! Why? What gave him the impression that he deserves it?
In reality, he may get even more than the GM if he can realize what he is today. A Bedouin, who can buy and sell land, camels and live stalk. Millions to be made there buddy.
Again, total disregard for reality and a failing pursuit of an illusion.
The acceptance of : this is what I am and this is what I can afford relieves us of the stress of what we are in our world of illusions. This relief enables us to actually grow.
Have you noticed how every one is so busy and talking about great works in progress? Really painful.

Everyone is a superstar folks!

Not accepting today’s reality and living in illusion gives birth to pretension. People pretending to be what they are not and can never be. And that’s when it goes from funny to pathetic to hilarious.
The bedouin I mentioned above now claims to be a decorated agent of the Ministry of Interior. He is not. Sad. Losing his mind? Yes.

Then we have men and women that think they are God’s gift to Earth and mankind. That they are so gorgeous. That everyone wants them and they are indispensable. No one is. Result of this illusion? Everyone dresses up like trailer trash of the west thinking its ‘cool’, over do the makeup and are on display where ever they go. No substance. Frustration on the slightest hint of rejection leads to suicidal anger and then they become abusive.

Regardless of how other people evaluate us or think about us, we must realize what we are, where we stand and what we can do. The minute we lose this reality and start this game of changes without ability or right, we suffer.

Accept what IS.

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