Forgiveness & Mercy

It has been a remarkable day.

Something happened.

And, I want to share it with everyone. Everyone, regardless of race, colour and religion should know this. Experience this. Feel this.

I face very difficult situations. I take on huge responsibilities. I work hard and I deal with people and issues you can’t believe. This is my life. I am tested. I rise sometimes and I fall hard too. I know pain.

Today, I got time off. I got that moment where I can sit there and ask myself: why is my life the way it is?
Yes, I got the answer.

The choices I made years ago, took shape and became my life today. Good choices and bad choices. Good choices gave good and bad choices either gave nothing or they gave bad. When they did not give anything, it was the Mercy of God. When they gave me bad things, it was a lesson. Lessons I can never forget..

I remembered the story of Jonas (younus). When he was held in the belly of a whale, and how he got out and was given a second chance. Mercy of God.

What was the key that opened the door to this mercy?
Forgiveness. Mercy comes after forgiveness, and before it too. Mercy and forgiveness go together.

So, seek forgiveness by going through and reviewing every choice we ever made. Every perception we have and have had. Our belief. Our dealings. Our actions and words. A very intense effort and mental journey. Hours of viewing our own life. Crying in some moments and smiling in other moments. We go through it all and seek forgiveness. Forgive me my Lord, for I have made mistakes. Only You can…

When the door to memory is opened and hope fills the heart upon realising how that Creator can undo what we did. He knows how, we don’t. We can only repent.

Let’s seek forgiveness each day. Let’s forgive and be forgiven.

May you all find happiness..

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