Halting Growth & Blaming the West

Muslims have a beautiful religion. It is full of wisdom and good things for the whole of mankind. It promotes peace, wisdom and prosperity.
Why are the Muslims so frustrated then? Why so many issues and why are we suffering from innumerable social diseases?
The fact that we blame the west is itself a sign of failure. The blame game only starts when someone weak in faith and lacking in wisdom falls flat on their face. Their ego makes them deny responsibility of their mistake and then they start blaming someone THEY themselves gave in to looking for solutions. Giving up on superior wisdom and searching for man made solutions thinking they will benefit. Yet, they never do and, in fact, start a vicious circle which ensures their inevitable destruction.

We halted our own growth. Sad, but true.

Living in peace is the greatest achievement of any nation. Not building tall buildings and an infrastructure alone. We are not at peace. We are in search of God knows what. What success and what benefit and what privilege?

Principles of Sharia are plain and simple. Social, state and governance models which have been extremely successful are right in front of us. National security strategies, negotiation parameters and policies were written centuries ago and exercised for centuries. Yet, today, 2012, we stand lost and frustrated.
What is the priority of the Muslim? Such a basic thing which only a handful of Muslims do. Submit to a God and attribute all power to Him. Accept His last messenger and follow his way of life WHICH is reflected in the Quran and his sayings. Both of which are originally in Arabic. Thus, step 1: submit. Step 2: master the language in which the book was revealed and the language the Prophet spoke in. Step 3: Read, understand, appreciate and Practice to the Best of your ability and with sincerity.

Sorry, but even many of the Arabs don’t do this. The Arabic of the Quran is not the spoken Arabic of today, though for an Arab, it will be easier to comprehend. Hey, but who has time for this? We are too busy standing in lines and paying for loans and bills. We have no time for this.

We are not growing through Submission, we are just surviving!

How do current education systems of all ‘muslim’ countries cater to the above? Why an Arabic section and an English section at schools? Why the local school and why the international?
Why do non arab muslims call English the second language and not Arabic?

I am trying to make a point.

Muslims are constantly, without fail and with much ingenuity doing everything they should not be doing and then when they face setbacks, they start blaming. Some of them get extremely radical and angry..and they start killing.
Believe it or not, but a 100% Islamic Society would be the most ‘modern’ and ‘advanced’ society on Earth. If all principles are exercised and not just a few. Complete application and not partial just because someone does not get enough power or make enough money.. or so they believe..

To go and blow yourself up in the middle of a town full of innocent people is not the way to show courage. That’s just suicide. To be fearless is to be extremely firm on belief, but extremely generous to humanity. Real muslims die defending their faith and people..all people that need to be defended. They engage more in a battle with the real enemy, their own ego rather than people.
That’s the point, we have lost this battle with the ego a thousand times over. Had we won that, we would conquer the world with minimal warfare.

Instead of seeking forgiveness for any condition we may face due to our stupidity, we first blame someone and try to hurt them. That’s failure.

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