Nothing More than.. feelings.

This blog is for all those who are “Madly in Love”.

We profess love.” I love you”. I will bring down the stars for you. I will do this for you. I will do that for you…

Lots of nonsense really. Men say it, women believe it ( though they know it is nonsense)…men do not deliver, women curse and cry and soap operas are written and then we all see them on some channel. A waste of time.

Why do people say all these great things? Why all the “love” drama? Just for the excitement? .. ok. .. I guess..

You are with someone, you are with them. You are not with someone, you are not with them. You must really like them to be with them otherwise you are pretending and that should tell you something about you. That you are a person who stays attached to people you don’t really care for either because you are getting something from them or you simply have no GUTS to be what you really are.

My father told me a long time ago: Real love happens ONLY after marriage, before that it is all drama and nonsense. I truly agree with that today. Because all the romance and love before marriage is of no consequence IF marriage does not occur. A man and a woman are brought together to create a family not make a story for Mills and Boons.

LOVE .. what is that? What is love? Go deep in your mind and ask yourself this question. The longing to be with someone? To do what? Talk? Touch? Feel? For how long?  The keyword is : Companionship. The other word is : Sharing. We share our time on earth with our companions who would NOT be our companions if we did not marry them. So , what about the long love affairs? What about extra martial love affairs? Love? No. Not love for sure. They are ALL LUST. They cannot be companionship. They cannot be anything BUT lust. Maybe friendship… but then that is not an affair.

Love is walking in the same direction, not walking in opposite directions and staring at each other like two fools and calling it love. That is stupidity. What is stupid is that we will never admit it is lust. We will keep calling it love and keep crying about it.

” She was amazing, but I could not be with her.. that is my greatest sorrow”.. this really means : She would have been great to have, but I could not have her.. DRAT!

” He was everything I had longed for, but I could not be with him”.. this really means : I freaked out.

No reason to feel guilty about this , really. It is normal. It is desire. Desiring what cannot be rightfully yours, or is not YET rightfully yours. It is LUST. And, lust is also a feeling like love, joy , anger, despair etc..

There is one more feeling though. It is AMAZING. It is what we call “love at first sight ” ( Or is it site.. hmm ..internet..sight:)).

This happens. It happens to very few people. It is not lust alone. It is magical. When two people instantly KNOW that they belong together. That their existence is with each other. The “twin soul” feeling. Everything is perfect. Two people that compliment each other completely. Contrary to common belief and perception, this does NOT happen only once in a lifetime. It can happen many times in a lifetime. You can feel this for many people. The “twin soul” feeling. It just depends on both subjects’ level of vibration and general condition at that moment. Many of your “twin souls” have passed by you without any notice. You were too busy to look or care. And if you did marry your “twin soul” , reality soon surfaced and the fairy tale feeling was gone.. right? There was work to do.. raise kids, build homes…

Why am I talking about all this?

I see a lot of “love” going around everywhere these days. Everyone is in love with someone. Some are aching , some are thrilled and some are living in joy. A lot of it is virtual and many of these relationships will end up nowhere. Many married people are crying about the missing “love” from their marriages. These people are not working on companionship, they are working on being like that fictional character in a story written by a person who was the same as them but could write well…

Never have expectations from any person you “love”.. because that intense feeling of love can turn into great disappointment and then resentment if your “loved” one fails to do what you expected.

Marriages are unions sanctioned by God so that a family can be created. Once this happens, the two people that got together to make this family must MAINTAIN this family. Love and worship is for God, not each other. Together , you  build. Companions. With a hint of lust and lots of care.. and immense compassion. Compassion which gives you the wisdom to look through the mistakes of your companion.. and vice versa.. Growing together.. and unity. This is what matters in the end. All the love and romance drama is just fun and lust. The vitality and strength of which makes you call it love..

Fairy tales are fairy tales, not reality. And feelings are feelings.. nothing more than .. feelings..

Just a thought.. goodnight Riyadh..:)

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