Dreams, Belief & Formulas

Never stop dreaming, I said to myself every time failure stared me in the face. And I did dream, when everyone just looked at me and said: phewww!

Most of what I dreamt of in my teen age I got in my 30s. I did achieve those dreams. Needless to say, at that time those dreams seemed ‘impossible’.

Wait! I did not achieve those dreams, I was granted those wishes by my most compassionate Creator.

Dreams are wishes. Some dreams are just dreams. We enjoy them AS dreams and we don’t mind if they don’t come true. Some are wishes. We visualise them, we WANT them to be our reality. We wish them to come true and we know if they don’t, it will hurt us.
Why do some people get their wishes and why do some don’t?

Answer: persistence or lack of it, real belief or lack of it.

You have a dream? Seems like an impossibility? It is not. Everything and anything a mind can conceive is, at some point in time, a possibility. Not today, but for sure one day. You must believe this. But, how will you believe in this if you don’t know what believing in something is.
Belief is a sense. It is an awareness of an unseen presence that is infinite. This awareness is the result of real and accurate knowledge of FACT. Belief can be based on assumption too, but it will hurt more than it will benefit. To BELIEVE, one must KNOW.

I always knew and know that there is a God. A power beyond my perception and comprehension. Beyond my understanding. And because He is supreme, He is capable of everything. Since He created everything. And, since I am His creation and He loves me, He can give me joy. In fact, only He can. He asks me to recognise this fact and submit to Him and follow the directions He has sent to me through His Messenger. Directions to how I must operate myself in this realm. Islam. Very simple if you think about it.
I call these directions ‘formulas’. Formulas of life.
So, once we know these formulas, we have the belief- we know that any dream can come true. We also know what dream can be discarded and what can be kept. When we discard a dream just because it is against His formula for life no matter how much we love it, God makes sure that all the other dreams which are good DO come true. Because pursuit of a dream causes you to act, and actions can be wrong and right according to His criterion, which we must know.

It is when we lack this belief and knowledge that we give up on dreams and go into despair and thus never see them becoming reality. When there is a ‘but’ or an ‘if’ after ‘I believe’, things start to go wrong. Be careful. Either you believe or you don’t.

Some will say, with much fear and caution: what if He does not give? Answer: revisit and revise your dream! What if He still does not? Revisit and review your belief. No matter what, God does not give despair. We choose it because we lack belief. For the depressed wanting to be happy, this knowledge and realisation is the starting point for change. A change for the better.

Tragedy of mankind people!

A total disregard, acknowledgement or awareness of fact. We are driving ourselves without reading the manual we were sent with. Bumping, getting dents and unable to maintain balance. Until we expire and are buried. And we drive ourselves up the wall so many times. We drive ourselves ‘crazy’.

See it? I’m sure you do.

Dreams come true. You can have joy. You can have everything that gives you joy. One condition, submit to God, apply His manual.
I said earlier that what I dreamt of in my teen ages, I got in my 30’s.. Do you know why it took that long? I was not applying His formulas properly. When I did, I got what I dreamt of. And what I did not get, I got something better.

Never give up on your dreams, but do make sure you are applying His formulas..

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