Virtual to Real

People meet online. In the virtual world. They develop relationships. Business, personal, professional and emotional. There are no guards or inhibitions for most. They say what they want. Express. Say it all or say everything but the truth.
Groups, pages and personal lists. Lots of people gathered together to either achieve remarkable things or simply create an ugly mess. This is normal and to be expected.
Ideas and perceptions become words, words become more words and are exchanged and soon all these become actions. Actions that generate reactions. Reactions that cause more actions and thus huge changes on personal, social and even national levels. A new medium is setting new standards!
In all of this, I often find myself witnessing high levels of abuse. I see people showing their true colours without even knowing it. That’s the magic of the net and yes..the power of the written word is awesome. And if perception is not judged by awareness of cause and effect before being expressed, the result can be lethal. That’s because you cannot predict how your perception, when defined with words, will be perceived and what reaction it could generate.
Though in real life, in meeting each other and in dealing with each other, we display great patience and respect, we often are impatient and shameless in dealing with each other online. Thus, grudges and hatred or love and goodness. Some lives have become open books and some people even greater mysteries. And assumptions? Gosh..I think the greatest fault of all humanity is making the mistake of assuming things and then actually believing in those assumptions. In fact, even acting upon them. Unbelievable though sometimes, sad. Sometimes, even hilarious.
Judgements, misunderstandings, uncalled for pity leading to resentment, misinterpreted utterances and their affect on others..the list goes on.
I have been a victim of misunderstandings and I have misunderstood too.. Happens. I have made some amazing friends and I have lost some ‘amazing’ friends. Its sickening how some people start to have rights on others and develop so many expectations from others, damaging themselves and others in the process. Those people with damaged emotions then take it all out on people around them and cause even more damage, because those people then react. Imbalance.
Oh what great sufferings and what great achievements..all happening together in front of all of us.

What may mean nothing to you may mean the world to someone else. Who you think is a friend may fall in love with you and get so possessive. Love may lead to violation of privacy which may lead to a reaction that could break a heart. Of course, it is all ego and not really love. Virtual affairs give life to the ego because so much is missing.

Be careful. Be neutral. Be fair!

Extreme love, extreme hatred, anger, care, protest, misunderstanding and feelings in the virtual world can become realities as soon as the opportunity is there, if people feeling the same thing reaches in the millions or if the one feeling them has the means to make them real.

Yes, everything you see around you today was just an unseen thought backed by an unseen feeling expressed in just words once upon a time..remember that.

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