Facebook – Curse or Blessing?

I have concluded that Facebook is a blessing and a HUGE  “thank you!” to Mark for coming up with this.


It connects me to thousands of people I have a lot to say to. It allows me to market my company. It allows me to be in touch with long-lost friends and relatives. So , why should I hate it? Facebook actually benefits me. It also lets me know where someone is right now. That is good too. It is great , in fact.

Yet, some people are cursing little Mark and Facebook. And, they remain ON Facebook cursing Facebook. GO figure..

I see so many posts and hear so many people complain that this is an evil thing. It can cause hurt, destroy your privacy, damage relationships..bla bla bla. Even a table-spoon can do that if you abuse it. Come on now!

Destroy my privacy? NO , Facebook does not destroy your privacy, YOU do. If you write ” sitting on the toilet now” and “walking to the bank to get cash” , then Facebook is not wrong, you are STUPID. If one blames a medium for their own stupidity, then they are not only stupid.. they are retarded.

So, here I am, thinking – what kind of people hate this social site? I don’t, for sure. I love to update my posts, put on music and do my stuff. MY STUFF, on MY PAGE. Get it?  It is your right to express what you want to express on a page you OWN on the net and on Facebook. You give away only what you CHOOSE to. No one compels anyone to say anything anywhere. And, once they have said it on their OWN page then they have exercised a right they have had since birth. I see OTHER people, who have REQUESTED to be on someone’s page Interfere with that someone and get so offended by what that person may say. They voice their disgust, appreciation or view through comments. Fine. But, they also have to choice the LEAVE that page and do something else? So, Facebook is not bad, people want to go around and bother each other, interfere with each other.. judge each other. Facebook just gives them the opportunity to show it and have it recorded, and this bothers them even more. Thus..”Facebook is destroying my privacy”.. HILARIOUS!..lol.

I really think Facebook is a blessing. It shows people how people are inside. That is a good thing. People assume and express assumption and get corrected and then offended or happy. People vent. People say GREAT things that otherwise we would never get to read or know. People share information and people see people they would never see otherwise. Amazing. Honestly, this is something no one could have imagined at one time. Awesome!

I say, facebook gives people opportunity to grow. In fact, everything in life gives us the opportunity to grow. It is US that choose otherwise, abuse it and degenerate and then BLAME that thing or medium for our losses.

No, sitting on Facebook 24/7 is NOT a waste of time if you are GAINING something and GIVING something to mankind. You have an audience. You are talking to the world. It is your opportunity. Even if it gets you nothing but a smile, you have gained something.

Muslims? No baba,it does not take you away from Islam. Just like work, eating any other activity, you must halt being on Facebook to pray and take care of your responsibilities. If you are not, then the fault is YOURS, not Facebook’s. Right?

Alcohol is not BAD, DRINKING  is BAD. Money is not bad, GAMBLING AND INTEREST is bad. Women are not bad, ABUSING them is bad. You see, nothing is bad.. ONLY  you and your ACTION is good or bad.

So, do not try to change things is this world, better yourself only..

Good night Riyadh..

One thought on “Facebook – Curse or Blessing?

  1. I think I have learned about facebook is dont befriend people randomly because she/he is my cousins relative or friend of a friend whom you once met at a party,all they do is take your words and stauses twist them and make worse image of you and laugh about it irrespective of the fact that it is haram in the religion to backbite.Internet itself has many ways to vent and say great things like this blog for instance.Facebook and Internet itself are 2 curses which are a curse and blessing You have no idea of stupid some can get by pretending to be good and sometimes the bad are better than the ones pretending be good,the minute you get offended by someone or you offend someone that may be unwillingly or unintentionally, there you go its on the blog or the internet – thats what mark did remember?Facebook wouldnt have been there if it wasnt for the girlfriend he wanted to humiliate in campus.And people who dont like Facebook should actually leave it.Really it is a blessing a curse so true…..but each of life’s grievances should be let go as well instead of being on Facebook Twitter or Blogs.


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