The Boundaries

We have set so many boundaries around us. We have restricted ourselves and divided our life into events and norms that at one time were insignificant. We have been conditioned and are conditioning our children to live lives in which success is defined as ownership of various things and not certain traits or characteristics that qualify one as ‘successful’.
Freedom of the mind and spirit is restricted by many hours of study that becomes the criteria for ‘fitting’ in a society that has not seen any real achievement for centuries. If someone does not confirm, no matter what wisdom they possess, they are considered misfits.
We, the muslims, for over 1400 years have known each other through tribe, honour, accomplishment and knowledge. Today we are known my nationality and visa status..a system imported and not created. Imported from societies that were based on fear of each other and not God. We challenged the bases of all our power: unity. We restricted unity with the boundary of nationalism and not Taqwa!
We have now been doing this for over 100 years. Thus, our state of affairs and economy!
I, As a muslim, find more freedom AS a Muslim in a western society then I do on the land where my two holy mosques are today! What a bloody tragedy! I am restricted to being sponsored by my own brother and granted time on my own land with conditions as far as my choice of work and business is concerned. I cannot own or be on any muslim land I choose anymore, but I can in Europe and America. My business success is a challenge for my own people and it is appreciated by a nation which has nothing to do with religion. My failures are laughed at and exploited by my own but understood and fixed by people from other non-muslim lands.

We have done this. We have set boundaries and we fear each other.

Just a thought after praying fajir in the mosque where a rich man stands next to a poor man to bow to One God..and then en slaves him as soon as they step out..

3 thoughts on “The Boundaries

  1. “Imported from societies that were based on fear or each other and not God.”

    I have to protest here. Western societies were, until recently, very religious. The spiritual fervor came to an end only when science destroyed religious myths. Today, we use religion for personal comfort instead as a major driving force. In short, nobody is forced to surrender to dogmas anymore. The choice is personal, voluntary and truly sincere.

    • I agree, absolutely. I am saying that the systems imported are not based on any religion..but fear of each other. I am not even finding fault with that. All I am saying is that when we had the guidelines and criterion for so long, why have we chosen something that MAY challenge it? Or something that opposes the process of unity?

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