Every human being living on earth has the right to be respectable. Every human being on Earth has the right to live AS they please. They do not have the right to HURT someone because of their way of life, but they have a right to live without being hurt or bothered by any other human being. Free will is what human beings are given and for it they will be judged.

This is one reason I have never ever interfered with the choices people around me have made. No matter how much it hurt me, I let them be. Just because I never wanted to be blamed for interfering with someone’s free will. But, I HAVE interfered with them when someone else got hurt or affected by their choice.

That is my point here: Is it Rights violation to HALT the process of Choice by GIVING only one choice? Or is it stopping a person from hurting someone because of a choice they made?

Lets say a friend of mine loves to drink. I know it is wrong, and so does he. But, I don’t interfere with him because I want him to be able to exercise his right to do as he pleases. I advise him, give him the pros an cons but I do not interfere with his drinking because it is not my right to interfere. Now, if this same friend gets drunk and beats up his wife or kids, then I intervene – still not scrutinizing him for the drinking but actively countering the affect of drinking.
Yes, the state and law can punish him all they like if they catch him and if it is illegal.

Is that right or is that wrong? My approach?

Please do note that I am condemning his act , not encouraging it..but, I am not stopping him outright unless he proceeds to do something to hurt someone.. because that then is not my right.

I see a lot of people exercising a right they don’t really have. And, that is interfering with someone without JUST cause. How and when do we decide that we can interfere?

4 thoughts on “Rights

  1. Interfere?Why?Why does one think that their interfering is going to change the other person or stop him from hurting others again?
    The example you gave that if a friend is a drunkard and if he hurts others you have the right to interfere,you have the right to intervene,I would say you would be have to be a friend who stands by in the good and the bad,it is then only you have the right to stop him or interfere in his life.As you have mentioned that the approach matters,if you are approaching the person who is already furious with a slap then he will of course retaliate and knock you down on your face even if it is for a just cause.Your approach towards that person if you want him to listen to you and actually change then do it with a proper and right approach – 2 angry people don’t mix well – the friend can intervene once the drunkard has calmed down – fire be-gets fire.If your approach is of scolding and shouting at the drunkard to change then I am sorry he will plunge more into the habit that he will keep on drinking till he forgets your words which hurt him rather than being a friend and intervening for cause you think is just but in reality you are being the person who will drive him off the cliff.Yes your approach is important the way you deal with the Right.

    Rights have to exercised with great caution as it may amend or destroy a person or a relationship.

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