Prejudice: Ensuring Destruction..

Fear generates prejudice I think. It must. Why would I be prejudiced against anything if I did not fear it? Fear its existence, its capability or whatever it has or is.. right?

My prejudice, if studied deeply will unveil my inner self to me in many ways. It will show me what part of myself I hate. Or, what condition or state of being I will hate to be in. And, if someone IS in that state of being or condition, then I would want to be far away from them so that what they have does not catch on to me, making my greatest nightmares become my reality. Therefore, I hate, undermine, ridicule and am prejudiced against a certain race, person or nationality.. and even gender. Or, maybe one of them or some of them did something that hurt us once.. and hurt me once.. so.. now they are ALL enemies..

There is of course another reason for this fear. Someone I KNOW is better than me. A nation that I know can outshine me , rule me or enslave me if I gave them that ONE chance. I fear being conquered, thus I hate the one I feel CAN conquer me.

Prejudiced people are smart in realizing the potential in the one they are prejudiced against. But , the fact that they are submitting to fear shows how spiritually weak they are. How far away from God they are in reality, though they may claim to be very close to Him. Because, anyone that loves God, does not hurt His creation because HE loves His creation and we do not hurt HIS creation when we don’t fear HIS creation, but we fear Him.

Small analysis, and here we have it pinpointed. Prejudice stems from FEAR and some other things as we will see..

Now, see the effect of it. Let us see where it shows.

Oh wait!.. before I go on .. let me tell you.. There is ACQUIRED prejudice also. This is the worst kind and it is usually entertained in the mind of a real RETARD. This is because he/she acquires a prejudiced attitude towards a nation or people or person so that they can FIT into a society they have decided to be a part of. For example, a weak , powerless and helpless .. stupid person gets the chance to live amongst the “rich” and “comfortable” lot of the world. So, JUST to fit in and please them, this person repeats the stupidity they utter and adopt the evils or vices they may possess in their hearts. It could be their ignorance which may change over time and they may realize they had been wrong. This person will play right along so that they become socially accepted. This is the kind of person I resent the most. Though, the other two I can forgive for being ignorant MAYBE. Oh, but even this person.. I will forgive..

Now, for the amazing effects of breeding and entertaining prejudice in the hearts and minds of a nation:

1. Policies

2. Attitudes

3. Failures

4. Illusions

5. Complete Destruction…

These are the 5 steps in which the destiny of a Prejudiced nation is divided. First they make policies that are based on racial, national and religious discrimination. Then they develop attitudes which are reflected in dealings and associations. Because of this, they experience a failure in gaining any respect or recognition on Earth. Then they start to live in illusions of being high and mighty. And, then sadly, they PERISH. Hitler was a good example though we may love him or hate him depending on our perceptions of the Jews.

I have learnt in my life that usually, what the general public says or holds prejudice against is in fact beneficial and not destructive for us IF dealt with properly.

Prejudice is then either from FEAR, a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX, or an INFERIORITY COMPLEX. Prejudice can never be the product of anything good. Though fear may have a good side to it in terms of fearing God.. the other two are definitely mental disorders. So, if someone tells you they don’t like a certain nation or displays hatred for anyone or places restriction on their God-given freedom to live on Earth or confines, divides ( to rule).. KNOW that they are mentally disturbed and on their way to Retardation and destruction. Destruction we have witnessed throughout history.

You see, you cannot pray in the Mosque 5 times, fast.. and do all the rituals of Islam and then be prejudiced and display it through policy and attitude and then EXPECT to be protected. No. Allah has universal rules and policies even HE does not go against. And, when it comes to HIS judgement, no one is a favorite. Believe me. There are the blessed and there are the cursed. Prejudiced people can never be blessed. There will be after effects and losses and if NOT dealt with in time, destruction IS the final destination. No one is above this.

When we ridicule someone for being weak or poor, we face it eventually too. And, they then may have power over us one day. So, why initiate it? Karma.

Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. If you kick them, you will also be kicked.

I am human. I am not above these illusions. Once, I had some prejudices in my heart too. I will be honest. I was prejudiced against certain nations. I was prejudiced against certain races. I was prejudiced too. And, when I realized that it caused hatred in my heart and it filled me with negativity, I did something. I went out of my way to be nice and entertaining to those SAME people. I fought my fear of them by facing them. Sitting with them. Eating with them. I gave my time to them. I treated them like my own.

In Pakistan, we have a saying: Stay away from Police men, their friendship is as bad as their hatred. Don’t be an enemy, don’t be a friend. The saying is just one sentence , of course, but my attempt to translate it makes it look like a  long saying. Pakistanis and Indians will understand what I am saying.

So, while I was there , I tried to and DID make friends with EVERY single policeman I saw. I started chatting with them, shared a smoke, talked. I let them feel HUMAN and talk about their issues. Every single policeman in the area I lived in knew me soon. From the smallest officer to the IG, everyone knew me. Yes, there was corruption. Yes, they did get angry. But, they were human, like ME. The most SHOCKING thing is, in my two years in Pakistan, I never PAID A BRIBE to a SINGLE OFFICER ( just once, but it was not a bribe, I insisted that he take the money because I knew he needed it for his children). Not a single one of them asked me for it and they went OUT of their way to help me out in ANYTHING I wanted done. WHY? SOMEONE TREATED THEM THE WAY A HUMAN BEING SHOULD BE TREATED! HONESTLY AND GENUINELY!

Can anyone claim this in Pakistan? I can. I swear, it is the truth.

I have applied this same policy in every country I have lived in. And, it has paid off. Why? Because it is the application of a formula ALLAH gave us and what our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sal Allahu Alyhi Wa Sallam practiced.

And not equal are the good deed and the bad. Repel [evil] by that [deed] which is better; and thereupon the one whom between you and him is enmity [will become] as though he was a devoted friend.41:35
But none is granted it except those who are patient, and none is granted it except one having a great portion [of good].
This is from Surat Al Fussilat..
BE nice to the one you hate or hold resentment for and see how you will prosper in this life and the next.
Good Night Riyadh.. Where ever you maybe…


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