Pictures and Imagination..

You know what..I am sick of posting pictures with my blogs. Firstly  I am unable to find relevent pictures. Secondly, why should I post someone else’s pictures? So, from now on, either I take the picture or I draw it. Am pretty good at that too, I think.

Having said that (Musharraf says this a lot), let me talk about “Pictures”…

Have you noticed how we are all getting so used to visuals? When a subject discussed or song sung is presented with a visual then an imagination is forced upon the mind.. and not generated from it.

Facebook..we update pictures a lot..

So, now when a long-lost friend or relative meets up , they can no longer say ” wow!  You are just as  I imagined you would be!”.. no sir, they just saw how you looked a few hours ago on fb.

The element of surprise gone. Imagination not needed, visualization none and excitement and intuition..oh well..negligible..

Do you remember a long time ago( for people 35 and above) as kids we imagined so much. How that bedtime story were words that took us to a different world where we just went into blissful sleep?

That contributed to our growth. And that enabled us to present to the world our imaginations in the form of poetry, music and finally,yes..visuals.

My son likes to watch the photo gallery in my cellphone each night. Bedtime stories are not such a huge hit anymore..videos and pictures are.

I played a trick.

One night, at bedtime..

I told ma boy the cellphone’s battery is gone and we had to make do with a story. So, as I told him,the story ( you don’t wanna was about dad when he was a baby I think)..I noticed him listening with great interest and naturally imagining and visualizing. He slept faster. He slept deeper and he woke up a bit wiser.

That is because actual visuals were tiring his little mind. Imagination and visualization gave him peace and strength.

When I give you a picture of what I am describing, I leave no room for imagination for your mind. Sometimes, that is not really what is needed.

Let the brain find freedom in imagination.

Also, the fine art of defining and expressing a thought in words is compromised with the added picture..

Just a thought today..

Shared it with you.:)..

Stay safe.

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