“I have Got to… “

“Oh, I have to run…”

” Gosh, I need to be at the Passport Office”

” OH LORD! I am running out of money”

” I need to get a newer car.. I look bad with this”…

You get to hear these kind of things in most conversations. Most conversations are about ways of making money, how someone else is making money, how much we are making, how much is what and how dirty politicians are. Most conversations are about everyone admitting that they are weak and subjected to systems that make them run around like donkeys. Most systems are designed to do that, because we are supposed to be stupid consumers that make a handful of monkeys extremely wealthy. And, we are doing a GREAT job! Bravo to us!

Media, movies, Dramas, Commercials.. education, subtle hints and many other tools are used to make us what we are. Make us chase a dream which is not really ours. We want to be accepted socially. We want to be respected. Nothing wrong with that, except that the parameters have changed a lot over time. We no longer have Heros. We no longer have originals. We have clones. We have Pretenders and we have a lot of sad and lost people amongst us now.

Hurry.. traffic.. rush hour. Run.. get there. You are late. You will lose. You are a loser.. go.. Present. Win. Make a buck. That’s your week. Your month, your year and your many years.. Your life. The turning point is your death. When two angels show up and say, let’s go back. And they take you back. And there, all these principles mean nothing. There.. visas, incomes and the rush hour look like the IGNORANCE of man.

Here is a fact people: The more complicated the systems are in any country, the more BACKWARD and UNDERDEVELOPED that country is. Governments are created to make your life easy, not turn you into a donkey.

There are only some things in life that you HAVE GOT TO do.. the rest are things you are expected to do, by other human beings equal to you .. things you really DO Not have to do if you don’t want to. Even though you are indirectly warned of “losing”.. you are being deceived, of course. Do not fall for it.

Number one killer and destroyer of Health.. STRESS. That is what you want to avoid. There are many things such as colds, coughs and itches that can be cured at home, for example. You do not need to RUN to the doctor, wait in a line and pay SAR200 to get Panadol.

Oh baba.. baba.. baba.. What the heck are we living for?

Here is what is going on.. we seek to please people around us. First are the parents. If they are great believers of God and down to earth people , you live a great life.. and those are few.. especially from the previous generation. Most EXPECT. And, you are to DELIVER. And this process starts from Grade 1. I was told , when I failed 7 subjects in 9th grade because I was too damn bored with Manarat Ar Riyadh.. and the money loving teachers.. except for my very dear Bilal Philips ( got a B in his class).. ..I was told ” Your life and career are FINISHED!”.. How did I respond? I said: WE SHALL SEE SIR! ( I wanted to say something else.. but respected his age) . That was the Vice principle. He owned a PUB in Malta and worked as Vice Principle here.  We knew what he was… and how dirty his little mind was.. how could be respect him? What for? How crappy is that?  I don’t know where he is today.. but I am far better off then he was when I knew him.. Alhamdulilah!.. yes. read that again.. ALHAMDULILAH.. All praise be to Allah. The REMARKABLE teachers that we loved and respected and learnt from.. left soon.

Here is what you have GOT to do.. you have GOT to discover yourself. Know your reality. Know where you have come from and where you are heading. And, what you need to be and do meanwhile. IF you have not figured these things out by the time you are 18, the education your parents spent money on was useless. Because, hey!.. Learning how to make a motor work is easy.. but CREATING something out of nothing.. is a challenge. Education should bring out YOUR creativity , talent and perceptions. The world needs Variety not Uniformity. Otherwise, it will be ONE boring .. depressing life.. and that is what life is becoming.

So.. we are given the education of ” YOU HAVE GOT TO”… donkey .. donkey.. donkey.. you have got to. We are not given the education of ” You can.. you are.. you will be”.. That is the problem. Thats why I think long and hard when I think of a school for my son. I don’t want to do what my father did. Education to me is building people, not training humans to be donkeys. I see a child carry 3 kg of books to school each day.. his freedom is lost the day he goes to school in this place. And, then he is NEVER free. If you do not know freedom, you will never know growth. Freedom to be and think and explore.

It is just sad that we try to adopt systems and not create better ones on our own.. confuses all of us here.

What good has this twisted form of Western Education done for you and me? Nothing.. just made us pay huge amounts of money. Western Education is good for the CULTURE of West.. they find freedom in it.. That is all good. The “western education” we are getting here is NOT Western At ALL! That is the sad part.. But , we are trying to mix east and west here and it is JUST NOT WORKING MAN!

I chose freedom as a child and I stood by my freedom.. parents, society, friends.. WHO CARES.. if God’s Book says I am not wrong.. I am not. That was my way. It works fine. Try it.

Today.. Don’t rush… believe me.. you won’t lose anything…

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