Random Thoughts about Changes..

I don’t really have a plan here.. but I want to talk about change. I am just gonna write away my thoughts and then see at the end what came out..:D

I feel it in the air. Change.

Though changes happen daily. Significant changes. Changes that shape nations and decide their destiny. Little decisions that make HUGE changes in society. And little changes that add up to a huge mega change one day. Little events and happenings, inventions, births and deaths.. constantly change this world.. and us.

I notice these changes. I make a note of every little change that occurs. I add and add , conclude and figure out the result of the smallest decision of a decision maker. And, it happens like that. Everyone lives in denial, though.

Cause and effect. No secret wisdom. No magic. No common sense. Just an awareness. An Intelligence.

We had cell phones we could make calls from and send text messages from. We have cell phones we can make video calls from and communicate with anyone in the world for free now. People meet new people each day. New relationships are established and events occur. Changes happen. In thought, in perception and in life. We lose some people and we gain new friends. And hey, the whole world speaks english now.. almost. lol.

You see , the phenomena of “change” is not in our hands. We cannot control change when it has to occur. It is part of the destiny of earth. No human being can interfere with it.  Many do resist it. They fail. They live in frustration and anger and despair. They gain nothing and give nothing.

We can not live the way we used to in 1999. We are in a hurry.  We spend more than we used to. But , the sad thing is.. some people still earn what they used to .. and even less. Expenses have risen and income has not. Result? Resentments, corruption and theft. That has increased.

Everyone is available to everyone now. You know what that means? New ideas of how a relationship should be. New definitions of gender roles. More sensitivity and more  heartbreaks  ( and heart attacks) too. People fight and people unite. More frequently than before. Few sit there in the evening and enjoy the breeze with a cup of tea. Everyone else is “developing” something. Working on something. Nine out of ten times on something that will only add to stress and not contribute to peace within and around.

The phenomena of “showing off” is coming to an end though. You cannot have enough buddy!  IF you have a Mercedes, someone has a Rolls.. you cannot impress with what you have anymore and neither do YOU get impressed with what someone else has. That is because MANY people have the same things easily. CREDIT. Yep. Hierarchy is challenged and admirers are few, sir.

Some people are cursing Gaddafi.. others calling him a Martyr. Go figure. I cannot. Everyone has an opinion about leaders. No one knows anything for sure though. I still sit there and wonder what the HECK did the Afghanis and Iraqis do to get what they got?  Oh what the heck, let’s just live the damn lie. If CNN says it, it must be right. Right?

Yes, we live in greater illusions now. Some good, some totally disgusting.

We love to conclude, but we never conclude. We keep playing hide and seek with ourselves. I want, I don’t want. The person of TODAY, does not know what they want. They just want something. Thus, they are busy. Really now!

You know what I think?

I think a HUGE change is happening and all of the above is the PROCESS of that change. Human conciousness is growing and expanding. And, I can say one thing for sure : We are being prepared for the end of this world as we know it for the beginning of the next, permanent one.

Chill out people… it is all good inshallah..:)

Good night.


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