I have ALL solutions..Quran.

I have all the solutions now. I do. I really do. I am shocked myself. But, I do have a solution to every issue mankind faces today. Am I too smart or are people too stupid? I don’t get it. Because, here I am thinking, that if I can come up with a solution to everything, why can’t the big hot-shot professors and the “thinkers” of societies? Why do they just bloody beat about the bush for years and never really solve any issues?

I came to this conclusion today by asking myself, DO YOU HAVE SOLUTIONS FOR ALL ISSUES? The answer was, yes. I gave myself a number of issues. I resolved them all.

So, today, I decided to just sit here and counter issues and give solutions.. and REALLY put my claim to test.

There is one problem though. This is one issue I cannot resolve. EGO. Not mine. God knows how much I have beaten mine up to never interfere with the truth. I worry about the ego of others. A person comes to me with an issue, I give a solution.. they screw it all up because of their ego. I , ME, Mine.. and the fears and the perceptions and the views. Ego contains all that. The concept of “I” comes up when challenges are presented and a person is threatened. Most people just hang around that stage of brain development all their lives and so time passes by and you meet a lot of old people with unresolved issues. Some go crazy, others just sit there quietly mumbling and cursing.

Today, dear lovely reader, I am going to RESOLVE issues. Small or big. Complicated or simple. Anything that is defined as a problem or an issue HAS a solution and I will find it… INSHALLAH.

You see, I made this claim ( most of you may think I am a pompous , self-centered idiot who thinks very highly of himself.. i am not).. because I realized something. I realized that God has sent us on earth to represent Him. And to carry out this task he gave us the science and strategy of Submission, Islam. Upon becoming Muslim, we first establish belief in the UNSEEN. Once that is done and we truly realize that there is an external Force, Allah.. running all affairs.. we submit to Him. In doing so we enter a circle of people who have been granted a BOOK. A Book of Guidance and Healing, Quran. This Quran has the solution to EVERY human issue, if studied carefully. It has the strategy and formula or all success and it has all the warnings we need to avoid despair and failure. This book is my source of knowledge on this earth. I chose it because I have realized and understood FULLY that this book is not written by any man and it is indeed God’s word. So, I use it for myself, my business, my dealings and my thinking. What does not confirm to it or what goes against it, is discarded by me very quickly.

So, am I living a life with no issues? YES. As a person, I have no issues. As a person dealing with family and friends and one who loves people around him, I am dealing with many issues.. their issues. Yes, I have no issues on my own. NONE. I make a mistake, I pray for forgiveness and change my way.. it works. If I need money, I give to the poor and pray to God, I get business. If someone lies to me, I forgive them.. they change or disappear. If I fall sick, I read Surat Al Fatiha constantly and ask for Mercy, I am healed. If I need ANYTHING, I pray and I get it. Alhamdulilah ( All Praise be to Allah).

BUT, If I want a loved one close to me, then Allah checks out THEIR heart too before he grants reunion. THEIR heart.. their issues. And that is the sad part.

When the Prophet Muhammad PBUH asked Allah for somethings, all were granted.. one thing was not granted. The Unity of this Ummah. Allah did not guarantee that he will unite them. And this caused sadness in our beloved Prophet. Why did He not grant this? Because He wants to gather enough data and proof to JUDGE fairly. He does not need to, He is God.. but He is also FAIR. So, every person is left to make their own decisions. In this process, they lose people , gain people and the good and bad goes on. Now, suppose you want to be with someone badly.. you may not be able to be with them and then you pray to Allah. They remain far away. Reason? This person, regardless of  your love for  them, may not be right for you OR you right for them at this point in time. So the solution to THIS issue is, PATIENCE at the Will of Allah. This is WHAT the solution to an issue like this IS.. MOVE ON. Patience is not suffering. It is realization of fact and ACCEPTANCE of Fact.

I am often blamed of being heartless when I don’t react emotionally to some losses.. I am not heartless.. I just accept what my Allah gives.. happily. And, If i have a resentment or lack of understanding.. I pray. Issue resolved. No, I am not heartless. I cry also. But, alone..

Our most beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to cry at nights praying for people. This was his love for us. Not his issue.

A whole mentality change is required to live in the world of solutions and live happy.

I cannot go into the depths of the various strategies and formulas of the Quran. You should do that yourself. But, I can comfortably say that yes, I have all the solutions. I have the book that resolves ANY issue.

Do you have an issue?

13 thoughts on “I have ALL solutions..Quran.

  1. Very true. I realize I was a person who used to surround myself with unnecessary misery and the sole cause of it was Ego! Everything seemed difficult. But now, by ALLAH’s Will, when I am trying to practise absolute Submission, all seems amazingly easy. I pray and issues are resolved ALHUMDULILLAH. There is nothing called as impossible.

    Sir, I have been following your blogs for some time now. And , the first time I stumbled upon the blog “Real Life”, I was truly mesmerised. One, because of the excellent writing and two, I found most of my thoughts echoing yours. It was too good a feeling because all that was written was in the light of Islam. The difference is it’s difficult for me to pen down my thoughts exactly as they flow in my mind but you do it beautifully MA SHA ALLAH. :)

  2. “Allah sent us on Earth to represent him ?”
    “External force ?”
    “He wants to gather enough data ?”

    Why all these sentences ? where did u get this ? Did u read this in the Quran?
    You need to acquire more and more knowledge, my friend.

    • Represent him: khalifa on earth. Khalifa means representative.
      External force: not us, beyond us.. As opposed to internal forces such as intelligence.
      Gather enough Data: our actions are recorded and played back for us.
      Finally… We ALL need to acquire more and more knowledge.. Even if it is simple english:)

      • Hey Ali
        Khalifa is not represent. When handling Arabic words we gotta be careful.
        Allah didn’t send us on Earth to represent him, but to worship him. It’s like Christians claiming that God sent his son on earth to represent him.
        I never heard the sentence “external force” as being labelled to “Allah” not in any reference. External force could be anything beyond us, such as Jinn or Angels also. Allah is not like any of these.
        And do you think it is polite to say that Allah wants to gather enough data ? it’s like resembling him to a a scientist or a researcher . Does he need to gather data? He knew all the data about us even before we were created.
        When referring to Allah, we have to carefully choose words, and be very polite, and not making resemblance of Allah to anything in this universe.

      • The Caliph (Arabic: خليفة‎ ḫalīfah/khalīfah) is the head of state in a Caliphate, and the title for the ruler of the Islamic Ummah, an Islamic community ruled by the Shari’ah. It is a transcribed version of the Arabic word خليفة Khalīfah (help·info) which means “successor” or “representative”.

        If you have a better meaning, please do share.

        As for the rest.. sure.. could be rephrased.. sorry if it offended you. And May Allah forgive me if I did not express it correctly.

        My brotherly advice: When you point out an issue, or a mistake.. provide the correction/ solution. I am learning and so are the readers.. it would help. Just to point the mistake and leave it at that.. gives nothing to anyone.

  3. Wallah, I loved it!
    For every solution or any situation there is a suitable Ayah in Quran.
    And you expressed it very beautifully brother Ali. May Allah reward you immensely in your writing :) I read your articles oftenly. We all are in LEARNING stage. No one is perfect except Prophet Mohammad SAWW.

  4. i swear on sumone in anger…….but now m feeling guilty for that………..plz guide me……..i will not do this kind of thing ever……

  5. Sir i luv a guy who is really gud. A gud follower of Allah. Bt my parents and my sister hate him they have false thinkings for him and he is also not so stable financially bt InshahAllah will b in future. Wat do I do. I hv no knowledge about Quran.

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