Get a visa, Renew a passport, renew this, renew that.. get a permit. Run. Drive. Suffer. And, PAY for it too. Study, get a degree, get another degree, run, travel… suffer. .. and PAY for it too. You can be a genius in India and Pakistan and KSA.. but if you cannot speak english.. you are IGNORANT.

After all this running and paying, get a job in a “multi-national” firm. Work with targets. Make them RICH and RICHER. ACHIEVE  THEIR target man! Otherwise, you are fired. You work 8-9 hours like a maniac, raise profits and go home with two peanuts. Then you get up 7 am and RUN. Pay, Earn Peanuts, Pay more and keep paying. YOU SLAVE!

Fear. You must fear. Fear loss. Fear the future. You will get constant reminders. And, you will get motivations too. You are subjected to information designed to keep you working to achieve the target. WORK, SLAVE!

Location: Jeddah Court, Al Balad.

An old man sits outside selling Siwak sticks. His income exceeds 20,000 a month. He is FREE. He comes when he pleases and leaves when he pleases. He pleases no one. And, he is pleased. But, as per your standards, he is ignorant. Because he does not wear a suit and he does not shout ” Good morning gentlemen! Anyone fancy a wooden stick in their mouth today?”..

I saw this video today: ( watch it)

It shows how our forefathers used to live. They were free of all this stress. They worked, they built. And, honestly, what they built .. we have not and cannot.

Look within yourself. What kind of life are you living? Who are you pleasing and what are you achieving? Systems have been created to make you productive so that someone can buy a yacht! Wake up!

We were doing great! We built the Taj Mehel. We built great systems. We had the best scientists. We did so much. And , all that is history now. We call them great men of the past. Why? Why are those men NOT our role models? Why are movie actors, millionaires and anyone that the media chooses to make famous .. our role models? THINK.

It makes me REALLY sad that our own families, societies and elders restrict us from REAL work. Since they have been conditioned to be slaves for the past 60 years or so, they have a perception of what is right and what is wrong and it is not based on the Quran or the life of the Prophet PBUH. It is based on what Mr. Tom, Dick and Harry feel is right!

We are learning from those that should be learning from us. A horse is trying to imitate a donkey is what is going on! And it is a shame.

Everyone wants to be SECURE. They are NOT secure, in reality. Because hey! We own nothing. The cash you are happy about. The hundred plus thousand in your bank account could be ZERO in a matter of seconds if economy collapses or a war starts. What land do you have?? What Cattle? What horses? What gold and what silver? What real assets do we own? What are we capable of building with our hands? All we can do is type on a computer…Sounds funny? It is not. Cars need gasoline to run. There could be a day when all machines will halt… are you ready for it? No, you will faint. Electricity goes away for a few hours and grown men sit in Karachi and cry and curse the government. I do not know many that have a solution to it, most just whine like a bloody lost puppy! We expect because we are expected from by our “Masters”.. “masters” we most willingly submit to. And, that is the vicious circle we have very happily and most willingly now become a part of.

Lets not blame America now. I won’t. They did not do this. Nor did the Brits. Because in those countries, you can do any kind of work and you will still be respected. It is HERE, in our lands that perceptions are so damn bloody twisted. We have a slave’s mentality and we breed slavery and suppression actively.

Look around you. Everything around you is an adaptation of something that was initiated in the West. And it is a lousy presentation of it though it may have the same logo. We want to adopt the western sciences, social values,  education system and bring in their products and services and yet we want to stick to our norms too. Are we not the IDIOTS then?

We want our women to go work in Banks and pay the bills and we will not let them drive. We want our kids to get PHDs and we will not let them date. What the HECK do we want?  Our own current system of EVERYTHING is confusing, mixed up and unfair in every way. We are not even free of our own stupidity!

You say you are Muslims? FOLLOW and IMPLEMENT the QURAN and the Way of life of the Prophet PBUH. In that system, no one is subjected to a “prejudiced” and “restricting” ID system. In that system, A muslim is free to create and do as he/ she pleases as long as no regulation of the Quran is violated. In that system, we do not need ANY feedback from anyone, anywhere.

If not Muslims, FINE. I don’t have a problem with that. You do, you suffer.. right? If you insist on adopting systems of life from the West, then give COMPLETE freedom like the west ( so called freedom, that is). Because for a system to be successful and for you to be successful in the system, you must apply it completely or not at all. GET IT?

Shame. Shame on us.

Yes.. we were free once. We are no longer free. We used to be.. not so long ago. But, we chose to be slaves instead…

Don’t pass this stupidity on to your kids..Please. Because they will kick your butts in your old age. This generation is confused enough!


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