Look Away…at the Mirror:)

This post is for anyone who is really bothered by anything today!

I have learnt with time that when any issue gets too complicated and difficult to deal with , the best thing to do is divert attention immediately. Ignore the damn thing! I have been reprimanded by many “WISE” and “SMART’ and “INTELLIGENT” people who have memorized quotes of famous men that died a long time ago, for this. But, hey! It works. When you do this, the issue resolves itself. This is how God works you see. I have defined this concept.

I am not saying you become lazy and just sit on the sofa waiting for the solutions. You basically SUBMIT. You confess that you are not smart enough to tackle this. You consciously hand over the case to God, accepting your limitation to tackle it. Of course, HAD you been able to deal with it, you would not be facing difficulty and getting all bothered and hurt. Right? So, when it gets to be too much, you start to chill out. Best policy: Look away, at the mirror:)

There is a story of a man in the court of the Pharos. He advised them to follow the way of Moses. That Moses was right. He reminded them about Prophet Yousef. He advised them strongly against any action against Moses. And, finally, when he saw that Pharo was not going to change his attitude or thinking he clearly said that I leave my case with Allah, and Allah can see his slaves. He declined. He was not a prophet, so his responsibility was limited.

Neither are you a Prophet. So, pressure yourself according to the privilege and power you have been granted. This, you must honestly define to yourself. You cannot say less and you cannot say more, you must be precise.

Tawakkal is that. Tawakkal means “Giving Wakala To”.. or handing over issues and processes to someone. In this case, to God. This is considered a virtue and not laziness. Obviously, everyone is not equal in power, privilege and vision. So, different people operate in different ways.

There goes “criticism” down the drain. No point in finding faults in others. You don’t know their inner mind and soul. So, look away.. at the mirror:)

Then comes the principle to “what is inside your heart, shall be reflected by life around you”..

A person, making you VERY angry all the time. A botheration. A situation. A pleasant or an unpleasant experience, person or place. This could either be a test of God to make you stronger as a person or your own doing. If it is a test, it will not last long.. or lets say, it will last as long as it takes you to realize what it is and the action you take after that. In both cases, you must analyze your own inner self, beliefs, past actions and thoughts. This requires time off. Time for yourself. Prayer and focus. On yourself. Yes, look away for while.. but at the mirror:)

You see, God has made formulas for EVERYTHING. Every thing is about CAUSE and EFFECT. It is about IF and THEN. And, lo and behold! We reflect these principles in our OWN creations.. in our sciences. The ones based on suppositions even. If and then, cause and effect, action reaction and so on!

Why would WE be not subjected to these?

Yes, EGO says we are not subjected  to these laws. “ME? The GREAT ME? Subjected to the Principles of the Universe?” says the ego.. yes, you are. Remove  the “I” and think of the “HIM”. And, HE is to be found within your own being after the Mirror is Polished enough through reflection, prayer and humility. This is how we solve issues. We look at the Mirror…:)

Every man-made strategy that works, finds its root in the word of God. I can bet anything on it.

So, when something is getting way out of hand, look away.. at the mirror:)..

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

7 thoughts on “Look Away…at the Mirror:)

  1. Hello fellow blogger,

    I’ve been subscribed to your Blog for quite sometime. But this particular post left me at “awes”.
    I salute your choice of words and how you managed to deliver your ideas in a very convincing and a simple way.
    Yes indeed we need to always look at things we are facing these days as tests of our courage and intellect. Why intellect? because only smart ones and those with the desire to grow will benefit from their mishaps in life. And we only acquire it by being smart and gaining intellectual traits.

    – Cherry

    • You are absolutely right. And, thank you for your compliments. You took a while to write and deprived me of reading your blog. Will see your blogs now:) ..and subscribe.

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