Possessed or Punished

” I lost my job. It was a good job. I was happy. It must be the evil eye. It must be that person…”

” Someone hit my new car, it must be the evil eye”

” That woman is suffering, she is possessed by a jinn, find a shaikh”..

We get to hear this around us all the time. And , I say to myself…Why him or her? Why not someone really famous and rich? A non- muslim superstar gets one success after the other without any evil eye or black magic done to them and a NOBODY MR. XYZ is always getting hurt by black magic. Does that make sense?

I mean if I were the jealous, evil person that wants to do black magic or cast an evil eye on someone, why would I choose a regular joe? And, if my magic was so damn powerful, why would I not use it to ship out a few million bucks from a big bank by getting to the managers? Why cause harm to a harmless common person whose success and failure mean nothing to me?

Yes I have felt the jealousy of others. I have felt the hatred and anger of others. I have felt all that. But, every loss of mine was MY FAULT. I know that. And, I would be a liar to deny it. Every sin I have ever done was my doing and not the devils. I don’t care how much he whispered or did not, the choice was MINE. I went wrong somewhere. I have the Quran, the Criterion, the Sharia, the Wisdom.. if I don’t follow it.. it is my fault and no one else’s.

I was sitting with a group of friends and someone complained of a relative being affected by black magic. The usual complaint is possession by an evil jinn. Happens.

I have read and re-read and continue to read the Quran since I was 21. In depth, in detail. Everyday. I have found that in Surat Al Baqara, Allah talks about black magic that was taught by two Angels living on earth, and this was a test from Allah. They warned the seekers that learning this would take them to hell. But, people learnt and practiced. Later on, it mentions very clearly that there can be no effect or harm done unless Allah allows it. And, all that magic did was that it caused a man and his wife to separate ( If you destroy a couple, you destroy a family, if you destroy a family, you cause harm to society and that hurts a nation and thus mankind suffers).

Then in Surat Al Shuara, towards the end, Allah says that he allows devils to go to people who do Kufr. Kufr means to HIDE the reality of Allah and stress on everything else. Eventually, denying God altogether. It also mentions in the Quran that people who turn away from God are given a devil that becomes a part of their lives. Leading them to Hell and Despair.

So, these are some facts. What should be the reaction?

The person that feels this evil around them or upon them must realize a few things. One, there IS a God. Two, they have done something to cause this to themselves. It could be a number of things – from being pompous show offs hurting innocent people to simply not praying or  not keeping clean. Most people , in that situation, would not know what they may have done. And, if they do know , then they have given up their most important and vital right in the universe – to seek Forgiveness from Allah. Whether you know or you do not know, pray for forgiveness.

Yes, Istighfar, or seeking forgiveness for one’s sins. Constantly seeking forgiveness for the smallest mistake to the greatest sin. I am no Shaikh, but I do know one thing: God is merciful and forgiving. And, when God forgives and has mercy, He removes all dark shadows and negativity from around us. And then, no charm, jinn or eye can harm you.

The correct statement would be, if we go back to the beginning of the blog.. ” I must have made a mistake, that is why I am hurt now”. Every loss may not be a loss, and every gain may not really be a gain – we often forget.

I will keep this short and repeat: Seek forgiveness sincerely from God everyday and pray on time, be nice to the those lesser privileged than you and do the best you can, No devil can hurt you.. Human or Non Human. That is because all humans, jinns, devils, creatures are just that .. Creatures and not Creators. Only the Creator has real power to destroy and create.

I pray everyone remains safe and happy.


2 thoughts on “Possessed or Punished

  1. You said:
    >The correct statement would be, if we go back to the beginning of the blog.. ” I must have made a mistake, that is why I am hurt now”.<

    Nice post, but you have a tendency to simplify. Tell the above to a victim of a car accident caused by someone else's reckless driving. Or, as we approach the 9/11 tenth anniversary, the only mistake the three thousand victims made was to go to work at the World Trade Center. Sometimes, bad things happening to you are not your fault.

  2. The correct statement would be, if we go back to the beginning of the blog.. ” I must have made a mistake, that is why I am hurt now”. Every loss may not be a loss, and every gain may not really be a gain – we often forget.

    Thanks for your comment Iva.

    The victim of anything is a victim. Of a crime. Of someone else’s stupidity or evilness. And, we cannot conclude the outcome of a situation by putting a full stop at death.. more happens afterwards. Justice is served. Criminals do pay. 50 or even a 100 years later. Or even at the end of time, man may reflect and realize that what caused something and deprived the innocent of life was to BE for what IS. These are much deeper issues. In this post, I am dealing with a perception that is common in our regions. I would definitely not tell a victim that they are at fault, even if they were. Victims need compassion, not advise.
    Here, I am advising the general public and dealing with a misconception that is very popular.

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