Simplify life..

Every time I drive downtown, I see a new completed building with the sign of ” For Rent”. Offices, shops and large areas for rent. Many. Ample. Lots. I see so many people in the markets. Shopping. Each day.

I visit people. I see the same concerns. The same aspirations. The same talk. Money. We all talk about money. Everyone is now commercial. We buy and we sell. Want more. And even More..


Everyone’s priority is just one : Money and more Money.

How much money do you make from your business? Many people have asked me this SHAMELESSLY. Of course, in their mind, they are being “NORMAL”. To me, it is a ridiculously STUPID question that will never get a straight answer from me. How much I make is a very private thing. It should not even concern anyone. It is no one’s business. But, obsession leads to stupidity and most people are now..STUPID.

Was this well planned or is this how humans were destined to proceed in time? By becoming even more stupid?

I don’t see artists. I don’t see thinkers. I don’t see poets. I don’t see variety. I do not see originality. I see copy cats. I see look alikes. I see competitors. I see critics. All have the same criteria. MONEY. And, I see SO many confused people who say something very deep one day but do something very different and opposite of what they say at the same time.

Everyone is a corporate genius. Everyone is IN the game. Everyone is trying to be like everyone. No one dares to BE. Why?

There are only a few limited subjects that can be talked about. I can list them:

1. What is a new business that we can do to make more money.

2. What someone else is doing and making money out of.

3. Jobs and No Jobs.

4. Lets curse governments, our own and others.

I am getting sick of it.

Get this: Everyone wants to and MUST own a brand new SUV. Even if they cannot afford it. They will beg, borrow and steal BUT they will buy everything they need for society. They will, of course, give 1000 excuses to cover this act of stupidity by saying: It is safer, I go on long trips, Bla.. and Bla and bla…

So, I have a brand new SUV and the guy who earns half of what I do has the same SUV and a guy who goes to college also has the same SUV. I rent it and let my project pay, he took a loan and the college student made his FATHER get a loan. We are equal. Equality. I have to be mega rich and buy something no one has so that I can be above the “common” man. And, I know a BILLIONAIRE that drives a Hyundai Accent because he likes it. Yes, because he likes it. He finds comfort in it.

Would you not rather drive a simple car, live in a comfy home and wear comfortable clothing that you can easily afford and live debt and pressure free? Even if people think you are.. well.. eh..just.. getting by? Or would you rather get loans, pay loans, be under severe pressures and drive a car you dare not see a scratch on and designer clothing that give you a heart attack every time you drop something on them? I am sure, 9 out of 10 people prefer the second option. Because, they don’t want to be left out. They HAVE to SHOW the world that they are SUCCESSFUL.

Result? Everyone is running. Everyone is in a hurry. Work has been redefined. Corruption has been legalized. And, society is SCREWED!

Remember the time when loans were not easy to get? When people had to actually WORK to get somewhere in life? When buildings were not so tall. When life was so much more peaceful? When you could REALLY feel joy? Gone.

I shock my own clients when I SHOW that ” I DON’T CARE”. I really do not care to please the stupidity of minds. Though I do deliver what I promise. But more than the quality of work, people like to see the quality of “KISSING UP”. When you do not deliver that, they threaten you indirectly. Many people begin kissing up. Then comes along a mad man like me and he says: Piss off. They get shocked. But, they are unable to take away what you have because there is a GOD. Some guys, like me, depend only on HIM. Most claim the same. Put them to test and watch them freak out and take “corrective” action.

We do not admire minds now.. we admire appearances. And appearance can deceive. We like to be deceived. We love it. We believe whatever we see on TV. We follow wrong notions blindly. We are stressed. People, we are stressed. We all want to be out everyday and we all want to compete everyday and we all love to have it all. Materialism.

We complicate, not simplify. And we hate people who simplify.

There is:

Nothing wrong with small apartments. Nothing wrong with small buildings and simple setups. As long as they are clean and well maintained. Nothing wrong with buying an old car and getting creative with it. Nothing wrong with fake jewelry. Nothing wrong with not going out every single day for shopping. Nothing wrong with meditation and self-analysis and silence. Nothing wrong with not having a great degree. Nothing wrong with being YOU and being COMFORTABLE. Nothing wrong with slowing down and taking your time.

You do not need to be sneaky and play the politics to get anything. You just need to work sincerely and do the work you LOVE to do. You do not HAVE to do anything. Work is the development of something. The maintenance of something. The creation of something. Money is a means. A reward. Not the GOAL. The GOAL should be the completion of what you were developing, maintaining and creating. If at all you were..

I prefer to meet a wise person living in a simple home than meeting an idiot living in a palace.  I do. And, I often show this. And, I don’t care if the idiot gets offended. Let him.

I am sad to see lives being wasted. Talents being buried under the heavy concrete of “assumption” in hearts of people driving great cars, living in big homes.. yet.. miserable and incomplete. Not at peace. More and more and more. And, life goes by.

In this madness we have:

1. Started to expect from people and we chase people.. bother them.

2. Started doing all religious rituals to “please” God, but have lost all faith.

3. Lost belief in Destiny

4. Started being rude and shameless and total asses.

5. Lost respect for elders and compassion for kids.

6. Started stressing ourselves and those around us.

And, after all this hard work at being “smart” , we end up with nothing and frustration…

I work. I write. I read. I do research. I do my business. But, I have now given up on this stupid, silly and destructive race to make more. I would like to BE more. And, I will depend on Allah to GIVE me more, if I need more. I will not compromise on my personality , depth and comfort. Noway. I may lose friends and clients. But, who cares. They lose me too..:)

The world, the universe, me and you and everything belongs to God. Learn the art of pleasing Him by discovering your own being. That is where success is.


One thought on “Simplify life..

  1. oh my god what an amazing article, seriously mind blowing, u really made my day. this is what i tell my friends? what are u guys upto? wtf are ur goals? marriage, car, home? we have far better things to opt for…. those materials are not the end of world, in those materialistic fogs we forget our identity we forget who we are, why go for being and doing what everybody has and does, as my dad says everybody is going to go in his own grave nobody will have anything to do with anyone…..race race race for god sake what race is this being at a good post having ur own appartment, getting a trail blazer (as u said SUV) and forgetting ur parents who broght u up, giving more priorities to other things and forgetting those who brought u up, having time for the world and when it comes to parents, its difficult to spend even one hour with them…i am working for a company which is situated at new aqariya building at siteen st., before ramadan whenever i used to go to the mosque would find hardly 15-20 people congregation in a mosque made to accomadate 150 people….and when i came down to pray on 1st ramdan’s afternoon didnt have space to step in the mosque…………..? for god sake which path are we following, where are we going to…are we one month muslims?????????????? being bz the whole year making money and remmebering to show off that we are muslims for one month? are we so narrow minded????? what does a 5-times-a-day prayer require? 17 rakaa’s, 17 minutes? max 25 minutes of ur whole day including wadhu time? if u come to calculate this…. lets assume this as complete 30 minutes time of the whole day…in our 24 hours we have 1440 minutes. and if we spare those thirty minute for our Allah (SWT) its just 2.08% of time? for which we feel lazy? feel that its too difficult? for our creator? for our sustainer? for the one who GIVES US DAY AND NIGHT MORE THAN what we deserve????? why are we letting our ropes so lose, for very worldly and materialistic ???????? where to guys? where toooo?

    im here doing my acca as a private candidate, people eat up my mind telling me ur doing wrong for urself u dont have social life, and so on… well my priority is different…. i wanna be with my parents…serve them pamper them… be there for them when they need me, be their shoulder, be their back bone…..what’s wrong if i take 5 years covering up my acca in stead of 3 or 2 and a half years, atleast im with my parents, im working im independant?

    a request to all readers




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