Downfall of Muslims..

I feel ashamed, humiliated and I am REALLY afraid.

What have we come down to? MUSLIMS.

A nation, a people that ruled from Spain to China. Inventors, designers, writers, creators of wonderful and amazing solutions and sciences for centuries debating about women driving or not today, rights of other Muslims from other regions, control over people and other PETTY issues! What have we come down to?

We have created borders between us. We have over 70 sects that hate each other. We worship graves. We violate almost every rule of Islam in every “Islamic country”. We have lost our belief. We are more into ritual than into faith and real belief. What have we come down to?

Women driving: Why is this EVEN an issue? What sane MUSLIM would prefer his women to drive with a stranger, walk on the street and get harassed by people, feel stranded and lost and confined? Would a Muslim accept this when the ” best amongst us is he whose wife is happy”? Jews used to treat women like dirt and they got punished for it. Muslims HONORED women and got blessed for it. And, women are not honored by us here anymore, are they?  How can MUSLIM men “DETAIN” a MUSLIM woman for Driving? What law of Sharia has she broken? And even if she HAD broken a law of Sharia, reliable witnesses ( checked and re checked) and a fair judgment from a judge , BASED ON THE QURAN AND SUNNAH, would be in order. Muslims DO NOT jail women, they confine them to homes if a crime is indeed PROVEN. Driving is not haram for women. Really, no ayah in the Quran and no Hadith of the Prophet PBUH against it. In fact, in the REAL ISLAMIC times, women did ride horses and camels and did all that normal people do on earth. And, the MUSLIM MEN were too honorable to even look at them more than once!  Of course this was because marriage or multiple marriages was NO BIG DEAL for them and they were mostly Satisfied and happy men.

Saudi law and systems is NONE OF MY BUSINESS because I am not Saudi. But, SAUDI ARABIA is the CAPITAL of this Muslim Ummah and the LEADER for ALL muslim countries. The whole world is LAUGHING at us today and for many days before this day. We are considered IDIOTS.  This never happened  before. We have been feared, hated and criticized – but our achievements proved the world wrong and us right. Now, it is the other way round. Is this how we serve Allah?

This is KSA and we are debating about whether women should drive or not. And there is Iran, hating a muslim state and propagating against it. And there is Pakistan where poverty is rising and the President is a Billionaire with HUGE properties all over the world. And there is Egypt where people were miserable and the President had $70 billion. And there is Syria, and Libya and the list goes on and on. Unhappy people, rich leaders and corrupt systems is what Muslim countries have become today! Amongst all of these countries, Saudi remains the Blessed land. Protected at least from the corruption of  Islam’s essence. A country where there is STRESS on the ONENESS of ALLAH. A country ALLAH has blessed and continues to bless. A country where corruption, unemployment and resentment is sneaking into the hearts of people. And, if this crosses the limit, Allah help us. We will ALL be NOWHERE. Absolutely NOWHERE. Believe me.

I know the result of an action or decision because I have the Criterion. The Quran teaches us to think and make the right decisions. The Quran also advises us about cause and effect. When I read the Quran and judge all that I see and hear around me in my “muslim world”, I only cry and get very scared of Allah’s wrath. We lie. And we go AGAINST Allah in almost ALL that we do now.

So damn materialistic. SO bloody uptight. So negative. So angry. So UNFAIR. What have we come down to?

Every “protest” page or anything like it talks against government policy here now. I have a question for these people who are in “rage” and are protesting : Do you read the Quran? Understand it? USE IT? Do you BELIEVE in ALLAH and TRUST HIM? Do you pray and feel HE is watching you ?  IS your role Model The Prophet PBUH or is it someone else? Do you believe that this life is a preparation for the here after? Yes, ask yourself ALL of these questions and you will find a lot of work to do.

I do not agree with forcefully stopping women from driving. I find it to be WRONG under ALL criterions of this world and from out of this world. But then, as a nation, we are to keep the peace too. So, better than an emotional reaction would be a carefully figured out solution.

Do you see what I am saying? I am saying that not only have our countries started the downward journey, our people have too. So, the ummah as a whole is heading towards a downfall and  humiliation on earth. And , this is HOW downfalls happen. Read history.

Let us get real now. As individuals, work on belief and faith. Clear your libraries of all books, try and understand YOUR holy book. You will not go crazy, believe me.

I really miss how we used to be. I do.

7 thoughts on “Downfall of Muslims..

  1. Excellent article. If this article can make just a few Muslims to change their way from the worldly materialistic ways of today, it will be a great achievement.

  2. I quote : ” SAUDI ARABIA is the CAPITAL of this Muslim Ummah and the LEADER for ALL muslim countries. ” : It is untrue, and your article comes to prove it is not. Why should wahhabis be leaders now ? And consequently, please know that we don’t worship graves as being propagated by saudi wahhabi teachers,that you may be learning from.
    Otherwise, i endorse the cause. let all women drive as they need to, but frankly, are saudis prepared to it ? They have to be prepared to hundreds of things before that.

  3. Of course it is the capital of all muslims. It is where our holiest cities are!
    Regardless of who is ruling, this land remains the center.

  4. ‘please know that we don’t worship graves as being propagated by saudi wahhabi teachers,that you may be learning from.’
    Who said anything about you worshiping graves and what wahabis say?
    Also, I can read Quran and I don’t need anyone to construct my belief for me. I am a muslim and that’s what you should be too. This nonsense about wahabi, sunni, shia or whatever is all non sense. Either you are muslim or not. Differences in opinion about history and about how things happened is normal but should have nothing to do with belief..

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