Stupidity can Kill..

Askan Kuwaiti near Mazar, two days ago.

Sometime in the evening.

A Yemeni that worked in a Baqala located near the PVPV office in Askan Kuwaiti steps out of his shop , gets on his scooter to go deliver some items to a customer. A rock falls from the roof of the building, hits him on the head and he falls to the ground. Blood splattered all over the place. He lays there unconscious, dying. A crowd gathers, police comes and secures the area and he is sent to the hospital.. where he is in coma right now. The blood stains are still there on the foot path.

Who threw this rock from the roof?


Police knock on every door of the building, gathering data. They take the building caretaker in for questioning. They check everyone and get their whereabouts at the time of the incident. They discover finally that the rock came from the roof as a Bengali Satelite technician worked on a dish. A Saudi youth was fooling around there with a rock and he threw it. It hit the Yemeni baqala delivery boy..

I have a large terrace and I am on the first floor. I often find stuff thrown out of windows from floors above me there. Playing cards, toys, slippers and even cigarettes sometimes. Possibly thrown in haste by a teenager who did not want his or her dad to catch them smoking.

That youth who threw the rock may have been just getting rid of a rock or throwing it for fun or maybe he WANTED to hit the Yemeni, which he did.

It is not a joke. Nor is it nice. And, it is dangerous to throw things out of the window or the roof. You may hit someone and hurt someone.

Where is the awareness in people? What kind of manners and ethics have these kids been taught? And where are the safety regulations and checks in the construction of buildings? Where are the grills ?

This guy did not have the intelligence to think that he may hurt someone by throwing that rock from the roof? What the hell was he thinking?

I ditched a can of Pepsi that flew out of the window of a car I was about to overtake the other day. I did. And, when I passed the car, I saw a lady sitting in the front seat. She did not care where the can went and she could not imagine what it could do if it hit someone. I have seen AN IDIOT just shake his head from right to left as I pointed out that his wife’s abaya was hanging outside her door as he drove. It could get stuck somewhere and suffocate her ( it has happened in the past and the woman died). I kept pointing at it and I kept shouting, he kept smiling and shaking his head from right to left.. I still don’t get why he did that!

It is good to be brave and take risks but this is STUPID. Stupidity has become very common. And, stupidity can be dangerous.

One thought on “Stupidity can Kill..

  1. Oh man tell me about this, you know what really sucks, a police officer lettering! I’ve seen it and my mother got mad. She wanted to get out of our car and teach him the lesson of his life. I’m glad that didn’t kill/hurt anyone. But this phenomenon is one things that makes me shameful of a hopefully “minority” of my people! especially that our beautiful religion opposes this shameful act.

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