It is always nice to learn something from an older person. I needed advice badly. And, since the issue was related to business and banks, what better person to talk to then a senior police officer. Retired chief of police. A friend of my father, and now a closer friend of mine. An old man with many tales and stories.

Just as good doctors know how to diagnose quickly, good police men know a person from their face too. They have this sense that enables them to follow leads and catch criminals. Being in the Police is a discipline that rewards one a lot , if they carried out their work sincerely and honestly.

I got my solution from him. I got it in 5 minutes. I told him half of it and he completed the rest for me. That is what I call DETECTIVE.

We sat at his villa, looking at the TV news bulletins and commenting. He poured tea for me and told me I could smoke if I wanted. He had quit. This meant that he had a tale to tell and I was all ears.

15 years ago, when he was heading the force in a city close to us – a really sad killing had happened. Two indians, two farms, money and a death… How ignorance causes a man to take another man’s life and how he thinks he got away with it – but , no one does.. never.

In this region of farms and agriculture, there were two farms belonging to two different people. Each farm was managed by an Indian Farmer. One Indian was not allowed to leave the farm at all and the other one was given a vehicle to go and come as per requirement. So, one was free to move around and the other could not move at all. Different policies for different farms.

One day, they both met and became friends. And, a plan was made to make money. The one that could not leave the farm would give goods and vegetables to the one that could. And, this guy would go into the city and sell the goods and they would share the loot. Since they would be stealing from the farm where the caretaker was not allowed to leave, they could not get caught as no one would find out and if they did they would blame thefts on locals but not the workers. Perfectly doable and profitable business plan.

Soon, they were making good money reaching tens of thousands and life was good. The one that could move around would also transfer funds for the other one and friendship had become partnership and business was good. Lovely. Both of them were also from the same state in India, Kerala.

One day, the “free” indian and the “not free” indian had a small dispute over some money. The ” free” indian had USED some of his partners money, or maybe a lot of it and the “not free” Indian was very upset.  He was so upset that he threatened to confess to his sponsor and get them both in trouble. The ” free” indian got really scared, so he thought of a solution. He decided to Kill the “not free” indian.. and he did. He strangled him , killed him and threw him in the deep well on his farm. No one would search for him there.

Soon after he killed his “friend” , the ” free” indian applied for his vacation. Of course, by this time, the other farm owner had decided that his “not free” indian farm manager had run away and had filed “huroob” and no one really bothers with that unless the guy gets caught somewhere. So, all was quiet and the rich ” free” indian farm manager was on his way to India, never to return.. or so he thought.

He had made money, killed his partner in crime, and tricked  KSA law enforcement and taken off to India. An achievement.

When he did not return , his sponsor had his visa canceled and also reported it to the police. That is when the police department officers started to think and wonder.

First of all, this was farmland. If anyone ran away, they would not be able to go far undetected. Secondly, why did a happy ” free” indian farm manager suddenly disappear in India without informing his employer of any mishap, change of plan or delay? They started investigating. They found out about the “business venture” through local shops and markets. Suspicion grew into the creation of scenarios. And one of the possible scenario was the killing of the “not free” farm manager…But, there was no proof. And the only person that could talk was “out-of-town” for good..

A problem. But, there was a solution.

The case was not closed. The file remained with this chief. ” 4 years, 5 years.. we do not give up. Allah reveals the truth and helps us to catch the culprit. I could smell foul play. I knew in my heart that someone had been killed and I had decided to get this guy back here one way or the other”.. A man dedicated to his work.

So, they started to investigate Mr. Free. Where he came from. What city he lived in. They had no proof against him. They only suspected him. They did not even have a dead body. 4 years passed.

Our chief made a plan. And, he worked with UAE police to get it done.

A job, similar to what Mr. Free did here, was announced in the city and village  where this guy lived. It was mentioned that someone with experience of farming in the Middle East would be given priority. The salary was high and the benefits many. Job Location was UAE. He applied.:D

He was hired immediately. His visa sent. His ticket sent. And Saudi Police waiting for his arrival at a GCC country airport. He arrived. Got his luggage and was waiting when suddenly two men came and took him to interrogation. ” WHERE IS THAT MAN YOU KNEW IN SAUDI???”.. they asked BLUNTLY, SUDDENLY and he probably did not even dream that such a thing could happen! He collapsed.

He was brought to KSA , and taken to the farms. He confessed to murder. And he gave the location of the body, the deep well. They found a skeleton.. decomposed body of a poor man restricted by a tough employer and then killed by someone he had trusted. An extremely sad thing. He too had a family that had waited for him…I do not need to tell you the rest.

Friends, the officers you see around you. The uniformed police officers and the under cover cops live tough lives. They have to face a lot of sadness , a lot of frustration and a lot of danger. Their jobs are not easy at all. They have to be fair and vigilant and they have to fight crime and their own ego all their lives. It is definitely not an easy life.  They have families and children too. They are as human as you. They cry too. They get hurt too. And , they give their lives to protect other families and children too..

I have not named the chief for obvious reasons. But, every time I meet him, I salute him. Does he not deserve this after a whole life of serving the country and all people in it? Imagine how many prayers must have been made by a family that did not know where their son was for years and he gave them the closure they needed .. and also the justice they needed. Mashallah.

I write this blog for the Police forces of Riyadh and other Regions and the whole world.

I also advise the new recruits : Be honest in your job. Police work is a committment, not a money-making scheme. Just remember, there will always be officers who are watching you to either reward you or punish you and more than that, there are many eyes full of tears looking upon you as the hero that will solve their issue. So, GET TO IT.

My heart goes out to ALL those mothers who lost their sons that worked in the Police Force. Men who gave their lives in the line of duty. My heart goes out to all those young men who stand in the line of fire and protect the innocent. May Allah bless you and protect you.


4 thoughts on “Police

  1. Ali, I enjoy your posts. I must say though that this one was a bit confusing. As I understand it, the crime happened in Kerala, India, and the murderer was found in KSA. Or was it the other way around? Also, I’d like an explanation why one of the farmers was free to move freely and the other was not. Who makes these restrictions and why? Is it customary?



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