What do you think we are?

Our population is close to 200 million now. We consist of many races, Greeks included. Our country experiences EVERY weather of the year in a single day across the country. From Snow, to Rain to Sunshine – it all happens. We are the ONLY REAL Nuclear power amongst all the Muslim countries. We have one of the MIGHTIEST armies in the world. Our Intelligence, ISI, is NO.2 in the world ( I think it is number 1, but Jews beg to differ!)..

I am writing this post in response to IDIOTS who underestimate Pakistanis and take us for granted here. Let me tell you, no Pakistan – NO muslim state anywhere. You will all be gone if we go. Remember that.

Let me tell you why.. but before that, let me tell you a few facts:

KSA is what it is TODAY, BECAUSE of Pakistanis. No other country can give you STRONG labor that can hang 100s of meter in the air and build a wall. No one has the guts to do so. No other country can give you Security officers, Soldiers, Policemen and Officers that we give – we have TAUGHT people how to secure their regions. We continue to do so.  We have over 5000 nuclear scientists – countless ( real) doctors, inventors, developers, business geniuses, economists, engineers – you name it.

The first sign on the Saudi Riyal , was of the Monetary Agency Head of KSA, ANWAR ALI – A Pakistani.

Pakistani Soldiers SECURED Jordan, Lebanon and North Regions MANY times in recent history.

Here in Saudi Arabia, we have a HUGE labor force.  This is because we have a large, growing population. We have a huge labor force back home also, we do not need to import labor. This means, we operate on all levels. From Construction workers, Truck Drivers, Supervisors, Engineers to Owners.. we can create a group of Pakistanis that can replicate any structure on Earth. We just lack in resource because of Corrupt leaders.. but that is ok. This is not about them. This post is about Pakistanis.

Take a Pakistani. Take me. I speak Arabic, English – I can look like a Syrian, Jordanian, Saudi or even someone from Eastern Europe. In fact, in Cyprus, most people thought I was Greek. This is true for MANY Pakistanis. I spoke GREEK in THEIR Accent. That is why they could not tell. I can speak Arabic in this Dialect and ACCENT ( if I don’t get confused).. and they will think I am Saudi. I can Speak English in many accents and you will keep guessing where I am from. Many Pakistanis can do this. This means, we are extremely adaptable and VERSATILE. No other nation can boast of this. No way. I say this without ANY bias. I have not met a SINGLE Arab or any other race that can be THIS versatile and open. NO.

We are also blessed with Physical Strength.

You can see our Pathan Labor carry many brick on their back , many times in an hour and never complain of back pain. Trust me, you do not want to piss any one of them off, because a single strike from them can be lethal. Fearless and strong. That is our Pathans. Pakistanis.

At the same time, we have technical minds that cannot be beaten. I remember when there was no Caller ID here. A Pakistan developed a caller ID system by modifying a PAGER and attaching it to the Phone. I have no clue how it worked, but it did. He sold it for 5000 a piece at that time.  Figure that out.

Don’t be shocked if the next person you think is European and President of some company , turns out to be originally from Pakistan. It happens. We are ALL over the world. There is NO country where you will not find a very active group of Pakistanis.

This post is because of a single sentence from a JERK who is nothing but a clerk in some office ( I do not want to mention his country , because I am sure there are better people from there..)

” How come Pakistanis buy nice cars, live in big homes and spend so much here and most of them are Labor?” Let me tell you how he ACTUALLY said this : How Come za Bekistanis Boy Nice eeehhh CCarss, leave in Beeg homis and spind so mush heier az most of zem is laboors?”..

Go do some research you spineless piece of corruption. We have labor, soldiers, businessmen – everything. Go to your own office, to the owner to the core of your management and you will find a Pakistani leading the whole damn thing that feeds you.

Do you know what our language is?

URDU: Urdu is a turkish word, it means ARMY.  The rulers of the Sub Continent had huge armies consisting of Arabs, Persians, Indians, Afghanis and god knows what. Those were Empires never seen before nor after on Earth. A common language with Arabic/ Persian Alphabet was created for uniformity in communication. It was a success. URDU comprises of Arabic, Persian , Turkish, Sunskrit and even English. That is why it is easy for us to pronounce ANY Word correctly. That should tell you something. How many nations can pronounce everything? NONE, other than us. Urdu enables us to Define ANYTHING to the core in a few words.

So , ” How come Pakistanis do all this?”.. says the Nut with spite..

My Answer:


PS: The first computer virus was developed by a Pakistani too.

11 thoughts on “What do you think we are?

  1. oohhhright……we get tht wth my husband looks lebanese or turkish talks well – till he opens his mouth n says ANA PAKISTANI MAAFU SOORI LEBNANI n the arab is shocked beyond belief SAYING SHU YA AKHI…..n i also believe the gulf will come crumbling down if all thse pakis n indians leave the place – can bet a fortune on tht!!WE BUILT THESE LANDS OUR BACKS!!!

    N that idiot – doesnt knw the amount of wrk ths same paki n indians do wth sheer sincerity tht nobody i mean nobody can DO except fr us!!

    Kudos to u – good article – brave article!!

  2. @noor – the article talks about pakistan and not india.. So I think u should only give credit to pakistan here .. As almost all hard working labour are pathan (pakistani) and afghanis and no other nationality .. Indians are also there but in very few numbers when compared to the pakistanis

    Gooood article :)

  3. hahaha mashallah brother. Im originally pakistani (well, kashmir which is a disputed area)but my grandparents came here (britain) for the war (WW2). Subsequently, i can speak english, urdu, punjabi and arabic (as muslims are generally taught arabic in the islamic education they recieve here) which includes arabic slang. (Bahraini, Hejazi, Najdi and even maghrebi) and i have to agree totally with not only the linguistic skills of pakistanis, but they are generally much nicer people and are adaptable, really adaptable. May Allah give Pakistan and all the muslim states loong life. Ameen
    ps: visit my website, islamdirect.org

  4. i totally agree with mozamel, it is bias and contains million of false fact ( iran has also a nuclear power not only the pakis) .( just to tell you lot, i hate the people that say that their country is the best and help to develop all the countries in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!

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