Lazy Losers

Ever since populations grew and life became more challenging, people started blaming leaders more and more. More and MORE people started finding faults in elders, their decisions and policy.

I go to Karachi, I see a lot of youth just sitting idle, attending weddings, talking politics and complaining about lack of opportunity and the impossibility of work. I sit in Riyadh, I see guys complaining about work, money, loans and everything else. A majority has become like this. Either they are too religious, or they are absolutely NON religious. Unbalanced, angry , frustrated and lost.

There are other guys and girls in Karachi and in Riyadh, who, against all odds , have worked hard and built their lives. They earn a decent income and live good lives and have absolutely NO time for politics and nonsense. Instead, they work on new ideas. They have learnt that growth happens when you seek solutions instead of complaining and finding faults all the time.

So, I see both groups. The first group is a whole bunch of losers who were used to getting things easy and when it stopped, they freaked out and now feel sorry for themselves and have nothing but complaints. These are lazy losers. You will find such people to be in their 30s. This is their career. Bitch all day and all night and never do any real work. And now, that there is a majority of these lazy losers, they are coming out on the streets and causing issues. Until now, they were depending on their father’s to support them. But, ever since the Dads retired, their source of money is gone. So, now, they shout and bark all over the place.

Mark my words: No matter how many leaderships change, no matter what happens, they will keep bitching.

We are cursed with losers, lets face it.

Lack of Education and Thinking ability people! That is the issue. I wish I could get a stick and a handful of these monkeys. I would fix them.

Guys, instead of sitting there expecting things from your rulers and governments, why don’t YOU create something. Do something. Work. Remove your false ego and do things. Dammit! Buy 1 kilo of Potatos, bake them, cut them open, put some butter and sell it on the street. You may make a decent 200 riyals a day! Is that not better than a whole day spent at home or at the cafe doing nothing but cursing someone you can never harm or have no control over?

In Pakistan, especially in Karachi – every guy is a bloody politician. An Authority on current affairs. Basically, a lazy FART who has nothing better to do then to sit there complain all day. He will not , of course, go on the street and build a life. No. He expects it all to fall in his lap one day. It will not. His years will pass. He will grow old. Politicians will come and go. Life will go on. He will get nowhere. And one day, when he is 50 , he will run to find work and he will not get it. What a waste of life!

The stupid standards set by us for ourselves restrict us from growing. In Arabia and the Sub continent, people are not willing to WORK. They want positions. But, they are not willing to WORK. They love to restrict each other, judge each other and do everything negative. But, they hate to work. They don’t even know how to work anymore. They have a self definition which they are stuck to, even at the cost of wasting their whole lives.

What the heck is wrong with our priorities? Why are we not honest to ourselves? What the heck are we waiting for?

I fail to understand:

1. Why a young man in Karachi is busy cursing political leaders and discussing current affairs and NOT learning the various languages of our provinces , discovering his country and defining ways to create something. Why does he have a hangup in opening a small business of some kind and develop something?

2. Why a young man in Riyadh is concerned with Women Driving, Hijab, Expatriates, BBM, INternet, Expensive cars on lease, Fun and games and not with ideas to cater to business or solutions to social and business issues?

I fail to understand why the Muslims of our regions do not give first priority to :

Learning the Language in which Allah has spoken to them through the Quran. Make it their top priority to learn the essence of worship and Zikr and understand the science of growth through submission to Allah?

Do more good like volunteer social work, helping the handicapped and the poor instead of seeking booze and easy chics? Marry the poor girls?

Why our Muslim women are not overly concerned with their homes and kids and their growth and complain more about driving and going out? They are not true to their jobs for sure now. I know and I can prove that they CREATE reasons to complain instead of doing what is right. It is but obvious. Any idiot can see it. How come women suddenly became so unhappy? In this day and age when ALL things are given in abundance. Why don’t they find peace in their homes and in building their homes and children? When did they turn into field workers? It is BUT obvious that MEDIA has brainwashed them. They want to be like that woman on TV.  Cottage industry is GONE! Women do not sew, knit , write.. nor do they CREATE anything. They just want to go out and be in the limelight of God knows what !.. I do not get it. I swear on Allah, they are free and they are LIEING that they are not. When you ask them what they want, they will not have a decent answer. This is the Muslim woman of today. A loser. Not all, but MANY. What kind of kids will they raise? How much of the Quran do they master to teach their children? What will they leave in this world when they die? THINK!

The fact is, MEN are not what MEN were meant to be and women are NOT what women were meant to be. We are all just LAZY LOSERS complaining and shouting and doing absolutely nothing with our lives and blaming the leaders and clergy for EVERY crap we experience.

Our government do not stop us from doing positive things. I am a living example of this. I have taught exercise to a group of men right here in Riyadh just to make a 1000 riyals when I was broke. I have created work and done it and no government stopped me from it. So , do not give me that crap ever! Go, get a kilo of potattos, bake them.. sell them outside a supermarket. If someone stops you, call me.

This laziness has now become a cult that is organized and everyone wants to protest.

The wishful thinking is: We are Right and we will be supported.

Conclusion: NO, your butt will be kicked and you deserve it.

People, seek forgiveness from God and become real. It is still not too late. Remember one thing: If everything in your life is not what you wanted, if you are unhappy – then there is something terribly wrong with you, in you. That is the law. Fix what is within, life will get better. Complaining about another person only shows your DEPENDENCE on someone other than God. Nothing to be proud of. It is what defines one as a LOSER.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Losers

  1. i agree i have had people bloggin bout me and hatin on me the same peoople who have lived off of me same people i have helped at the cost of my heartache and phyical disability i worked 20 years raised three years and was cripped by my husband im very ill now and when i finally got my disability i bought a decent vehicle paid bills and eveyone who is suppose to care hated on me cuz i didnt hand them a car or whatever and instead of helpn me they hurt me

  2. Salams,

    Jazak Allahkhair for your articles, they’re very true & illuminating. I hope you continue writing and enlightening others!

    May Allah swt bless


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