Winds of Change

This is a picture of a cafe on Tahlia Street. These two ladies walked in the cafe, placed an order and simply sat outside without care or concern for anyone. Under the “law” , this is men’s only section. Or, “singles” section. The other amazing thing that happened  this wednesday at Tahlia was that no man found this to be odd. People did look at them, but people did not react. Brave girls! I think they will start a trend now. They refused to be deprived of sun and air and be locked up in a family section where they would have to HIDE from the BIG bad world of perverted men! But, the fact is, while these ladies sat here having their food and coffee, the ” perverts” were busy chasing the veiled girls behind tinted windows of cars parked or moving on this street!

Note: We also saw one guy with a black GMC pass by. Guess who was peeking out of the rear window? A Tiger. A real TIGER!

Winds of change??

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