Deserving Winner: 100,000 Riyals!

I wrote the cheque : 100,000 only. Payee: Abdul Kareem Saheeb.
12.30 pm. I sat at the italian place on Tahlia. The cheque in my pocket.
He came. Hands shaking.
I stood up to greet him. “Mabrook! I am extremely happy for you! You are 100,000 richer today!” I said this in urdu. This shocked him. ” You speak urdu?”
“Yes, I speak all languages and I go around giving millions to people” I smiled.
” Oh! Allah bless you”
Loool! This was a simple man from Hyderabad, India. He actually accepted that! Of course, I told him I was kidding. All great and good things from Allah, I am just extremely lucky and blessed to be in this position.

Our client, Western Union, recently did a draw for it’s customers. 72 people won 3500 each and one person won 100,000. This was him. We, their major vendors, made the payments.
When he was informed that he is a winner, he thought he had won an apron or something. When he was told what he had won, he cried and hugged the western union manager. This happened ten days ago. Till today , he could not believe that he had won this money.
I told him to sit down. Gave him the cheque. He stared at it. Tears in his eyes. Hands still shaking.
“What do you do Abdul Karim?”, I tried to make him comfortable.
” I sell stuff in Batha and drive an old school bus sir”
” You have kids?”
He has 3. He was orphaned as a child. He spent all he ever had on the weddings of his two sisters. A man who has worked hard and alone since he was a child. A man burdened with responsibilities very early in life. His tears told the tale of a world that suppresses the weak until they die or explode. We talked about poverty and blessings.
” Allah has rewarded you for your hard work”, I told him. I told him to use this money to make more money. We will be meeting again, and I will show him ways to make more money.
My hats off to Western Union for giving to it’s clients like this. And, I am grateful to Allah for making me the one to give away this money to deserving people. I cannot describe how wonderful it feels to see someone who has cried a lot finally smile..

Wait for my upcoming event where another person will get 100,000 from me. Inshallah!

4 thoughts on “Deserving Winner: 100,000 Riyals!

  1. If I get a call or an email saying I have won a 100,000 from Western Union, I doubt if I will ever believe it :)

    Mabrook to Abdul Kareem and let us hope that all future prizes go to people who deserve them.

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