Rich Presidents

I am the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I love my Drink.

We are never satisfied. We can never be satisfied.

You make a million, enjoy it for a while.. then you want another million.. and another.. and many more millions. Then you get a billion.. and then you want many billions. Though , right now you will insist that once you have a million , you will retire and live happily ever after. I can bet a 1000 riyals that you will not once you do get that million. Such is the human being.

I never knew that Hosni Mubarak is 87 years old. I never knew that Hosni Mubarak had 70 billion dollars. I never knew this. But, when I found out today – I was shocked. I was not shocked that he is 87 ( may he live another 1000 years).. I was shocked about the 70 billion. Because, if I put myself in his shoes – there would be no poverty left in my country if I had 70 billion. No way.

How come people are so angry with him and his government. They simply want him to disappear now. How sad is that for him? Does he even care?

At age 87, with that amount of money – what is he thinking? I would love to ask him this. I mean, he does know that he is close to departure from life itself, right? So what will he do with the 70 Billion?

I met a guy in Dubai. He works at the Pakistani Embassy in France. He told me that Asif Zardari, the president of Pakistan, has a Chateau in Paris. He told me that this Chateau is worth so much that if it is sold, a few generations AFTER Zardari could live on that money. We also know that his money is over 30 billion dollars or so also.

It seems, to be a billionaire is no big deal anymore. It is cool if Bill Gates is a billionaire, we know what he does and we know that what he does brings in billions of dollars. We know that Donald Trump is also extremely rich, and we know how and why also. But, a president of a country? How come he has billions? Where did he bring them from ?

We know that the Sultan of Brunei is Rich, we know why also. We know that the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia are rich, we also know why and how. Monarchs and Kings, Sultans and Emirs..are  always rich. We know that , and we don’t even question it. Kings are SUPPOSED to be rich, because they OWN the land they rule. Presidents is a different story though.

When Presidents have billions, we wonder what they have been up to.

What are these men thinking? That they will live forever? What are they planning to do? Take their money to their graves? What is the purpose of their existence? Don’t they ever feel guilty? Don’t they ever think that many people in their countries are extremely poor? What is even more ugly is that they are old. They cannot possibly live forever. So, why are they in this condition? I don’t get it. I will never get it. Their intelligence is beyond me. If I look at it from a religious perspective, I feel sorry for them. If I look at it from a worldly perspective, I feel hatred for them. If I look at it with commons sense, they look like fools.

But, here is my question: Are we so unfortunate and unlucky that we are forced to have such people as our leaders? Are we such great sinners? Because , honestly, such men are absolutely and most certainly – ridiculous. They are clearly more into giving to themselves instead of the people they rule. They only give rules, high security measures and policies. Policies designed to get more money out of people and place this money in their pockets

I am really proud of the people of Egypt. They are unwilling to take this nonsense now.

How come these old, dying and CORRUPT presidents never get satisfied with power. YEARS and YEARS of being in power, making money that could feed a whole nation and having everything they could ever ask for, they still seek to stay in office. They cannot let go of that chair. Is it an emotional attachment or are they really so damn devious and silly? They should now dedicate their lives to worship and charity. They should use those billions to build a palace in Heaven…

How long can this possibly go on?

When businessmen are rich – it looks nice. When politics makes a family rich, it is a failed state. Egypt is a failed state today. Pakistan is failing. Iran is doing just FINE. Everyone else is just passing their time , achieving nothing great on earth. States of the Muslim Ummah. Corrupt. Unjust. Divided. Falling apart…

And we are citizens of these countries.

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