No Longer the Master..


Traditions, culture and even religion is questioned when a movement takes shape and becomes organized. And, as it grows, life changes. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Though for some years I suspected and even predicted that this would happen, I was still not confident that it will happen. But it HAS happened. Women have REBELLED. Khalas. The arrow has left the bow and we do not know where it will hit now.

The veil was challenged, and HAS been modified now. That women should drive was demanded, and is being practiced now. Women DO drive and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Might as well allow it completely. Women do not cover their faces. Some women don’t even cover their hair. Many women do not take crap from anyone. Many women just do as they please. Most women are just angry.

More than all this, women have challenged the authority of men over systems of governance. Women , today , challenge fatwas. Women today will not give in to authority without making noise about it. Women today, will VOICE their opinion and make their point. Women today, WILL expose what ever they feel violates them. That is all good. But it is not ALL that good!

You see, matriarchal societies cannot survive for a long time. Most of the women that have to protest are not really enjoying it.. I am sure. They have been forced to now do what they are doing..

I have a cousin who told me once : If you try and understand women too much, you will become a woman.

Sounds crude? No. He was right. When you spend extensive time trying to understand someone, you start to behave like them. That is what men of today are doing. Being idiots and turning into women. ” turning into women” is not an insult to women here, it simply means that the men are no longer men. It is like saying ” that woman behaves and looks like a man”.. this is a question of masculinity and femininity.

Here is what has happened. And I said about 15 years ago that this WILL Happen. Not that I have knowledge of the Unseen ( astaghfurullah!).. but because I can put 2 and 2 together and I know that sticking your finger in fire shall BURN your finger. They call it “common sense”.

Men got respect, power , the dedication and loyalty of women until they were heros. They were heros until they were fair. They were fair until they did not bring ego into the Divine Doctrines. The minute they corrupted religion for personal gain and power, they were screwed. This happened to the Jews, Christians and now it is happening to the Muslims. It is AS SIMPLE as that.

The “rights” women are shouting about, are rights given to them by ISLAM. Rights men have violated again and again. Of course, women do not have to cover their faces. Of course, they can drive. Of course, they have the right to Dowry. OF COURSE a man cannot slap them around in the house and treat them like cattle! And, OF COURSE, Men should respect women in public. Sign of which is lowering of gaze, not harassing etc. Islam dictates all this.

Men sit around trying to UNDERSTAND women.. becoming feminine ( like my cousin said). What I would make them understand is the above. You are defined by the principles you follow in your life. Power and Respect are from God. He will give you this if you honestly follow and implement His proposed system of life and justice. How will He give you this respect? Through the people around you , through your health and wealth and through your deeds.  At least have the honest to God intention and put in the effort MAN!

Let me tell you in ONE sentence what a woman is to a man : An Expression of Allah’s love and mercy to man.  Yes, she is THAT vital.

Good MORNING! Here are some facts:

In the past many many years, we.. the Muslim Men .. have done this:

1. Twisted religion to justify our Wrongs

2. Feared all things in life, but not Allah

3. Taken our wonderful wives, daughters , sister and mothers.. for GRANTED

4. Definitely not implemented Sharia completely – only PARTLY

5. Not followed the example of the Prophet PBUH at ALL!

6. Competed with each other in Status and not in Good deeds

7. Served our Egos and not Allah

8. Acted like Masters after doing all of the above and thinking that we can get away with it!

Your word has power and value if it is backed by correct belief and right action and above all, HONESTY.

I am shocked daily!.. I am hurt daily.. when I see Muslim men ABUSING the Quran. Yes, ABUSING our Holy book. How?  By not making it THE GUIDE for life and just READING it for Prayer. Every word in it is important. We use only parts of it and think we know it all. No sir, it is not a joke to be a Muslim. Either you do it all, or you get NOTHING. I swear on Allah .. if a man applies the whole of Quran.. he WILL live like a master on earth. His women WILL be happy with him. His children WILL love him. He WILL have plenty. How many of us actually spend time understanding this? We are too busy chasing something else. Take a break dude.. go back to the basics.

We are sitting here blaming women and discussing how they have totally lost their minds rebelling.. yet, we do not see the obvious. We have lost our way and we do not admit it.

We, friends, are no longer .. the Masters… and we did this to society. THINK.


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