Simple & Beautiful

There is so much beauty in simplicity that simplicity is simply beautiful!
Difficult tasks, complicated work and anything that causes tensions are better avoided as per my rules of life. I like doing simple things and doing things simply. No need for ‘too much’ or ‘complicated’. And if it is forced on me, then I dissect it until it becomes simple to me. Of course, what may be very simple for me, might be very difficult for someone else and vice versa. But, that’s a different research and analysis…
I was at the butcher’s on eid day. Having slaughtered a goat, I took the meat for cutting and chopping. This was in Hara. As I waited in line outside the place, my attention went to this place ( pic). I had to take a photo of this.
Look at it. Two old shops between two buildings with a date tree in the back. Old construction, old road.. Old tree. Simple decor. So much can be done with this. So much beauty can be added to this! So much beauty can be added to what is already close to beautiful. Old, simple and comfortable buildings. Classics. That is what these could be. If this same building was in Europe, it would be a photo for a post card. You would see tourists walking around. You would see local tradition and culture displaying itself and being proud.
Not here though!
In a previous post, I mentioned that instead of letting a building rot and then bulldozing it, the municipality should give incentives to people to beautify what is. It would do amazing things for Riyadh. Because with high rises and modern architecture, the “old and simple” talks about roots and beginnings. It is nice to live those moments in the “now” sometimes. Variety.
I used to dread going to Hara for anything. But this eid, I fell in love with it.
I miss the old, simple Riyadh. Hara is the old simple Riyadh. But it is discarded too. Why? Why wear excellent shoes with classy pants and wear an old t shirt on top? Beautification should be complete. And re-building is not the solution always.
By the way, the butcher was slaughtering sheep in an old house- in the backyard. Of course, this is illegal. Or not? No idea. But the back yard of that house gave me creative ideas also.
Honestly, these areas could become so cool with a little touch up. Simple and beautiful..

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