Sofitel Al Khobar

Enough about abayas and segregation …. I am pleasantly surprised by this new hotel in Al Khobar. WOW!

I have stayed in many hotels. All kinds of hotels. I have even studied and done a degree in hotel management. My first job was front office manager of a hotel. I love the hotel industry. I dream of having enough funds to one day make my own hotel. To create a new style of hotels.. to make a fantastic , yet simple hotel.

A single day’s trip to Al Khobar for a meeting with the COMEDYMAN (  himself, Rehman Akhtar.  4 hours drive to Al -khobar. I checked into Sofitel on the Corniche. A new launch. Opened just over two weeks ago. In my mind was Sofitl Al Hamra of Jeddah. An older, very simple yet cosy hotel, so it was just OK. 

I entered the room after 5 minutes of figuring out how to use the key. Feeling like an idiot, I called the reception..” err.. how do I use the key?”.. ” You tap on the black panel on the door knob”… ha! cool idea. I tapped it and the green light went on. Nice.  And when I entered, my first word was : Marvelous!

Whoever designed these rooms knows human beings. He/ She or They know exactly what people need. Or rather, EXACTLY what I need. You see, fully carpeted or full tiling does not do the job.. some of both does. They have done that. Curtain open and shut is through remote control. LCD, the right size, has many options. The bed is JUST right and the view.. is .. awesome. All the electric outlets are in the right places. You don’t have to bend and search! The bathroom.. very creative and classy. Everything is JUST right. And get this: Internet is FREE. Even more cool is the availability of technicians and maintenance 24 hours. No one tells you to wait till tomorrow. I could not get the internet to connect at 2 am. A technician came and brought the DSL cable and fixed it. 2 AM.

Extremely comfortable and classy at the same time. Usually you get classy but not so comfortable or comfortable but not so classy. To have both is an achievement of the service provider.

The only sad part of the trip was that I went alone. Next time, I go with family or I go not!.. Anyone that is going to Khobar.. try Sofitel on the Corniche.. you will love it!

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