Black Abaya

Black is my favorite color. My other favorite color is white. I love these two colors. Most of the clothes I have are either black or white. With a few other colors – gifts.

I have two cars. One is black and the other is ….white.

So, you see, I love black and white.

The weather is changing. It will get cold soon. When the weather changes, we go from white clothes ( not always) to black clothes. More specifically, black thobes come out.  I love black thobes and I love white thobes.


Here is the problem.

Women wear black abayas. Come winter, come summer.. they wear black abayas. And, during the era of this new ” some freedom for women” in KSA, many women do not cover their faces and some ( but enough) do not cover their hair also. So, they just walk around with a black abaya. Western women do not cover their hair and wear an abaya.

Then there is the problem of the “seekers”. The “deprived” hunters of Riyadh. Those that see a black abaya walking somewhere and race to “pick” up with their cars. As if, that lady came out on the street ONLY to be picked up. They try. And , the trying is just pathetic. In one of my usual meetings on Tahlia Street, at a cafe, I saw four ladies walk towards the “family” section , turn around and show their finger to a group of “hunters” shouting at them from the road. The “hunted” and the “hunter”. Always at it.

So, now when I get a black thobe and go for a walk.. some hunter somewhere WILL stop to look and ensure its a thobe and NOT an abaya. And this has happened. A Hunter friend of mine and me were cruising one lovely winter evening when he saw from the corner of his eye an abaya or the “hunted” walk in to a street. He said, WOW! THERE IS A LADY THERE! and sped to get a U- turn and chase.  He did, against all my protests and ” Man, cut it out.. this is stupid”.. he turned into that street. And, there ” she ” was.. walking at a distance. Not too tall, not too short. Nice wavy well cut hair, walking with her head down. He drove next to her and all his dreams were shattered. This was a guy in a black thobe. I looked at his face, laughed and smacked his head. HA HA HA! OH LOOOL! LMAO!..

So, WHY DO WOMEN WEAR BLACK ABAYAS?  Who asked them to wear a BLACK ABAYA? Why can’t they wear a GREEN Abaya? Or  a BROWN Abaya? Why can’t they wrap themselves with a cloth and and scarfs on their heads? Why can’t they be creative?

I asked a “religious” friend. Do women HAVE to wear a black abaya? No, he said. They need to be covered as prescribed, by any cloth. AH!..

I want to buy a black thobe, but I am not doing it. Instead, I had my tailor make WHITE thobes of thicker cloth!.. not that I am as beautiful as a woman.. but the blind and the lost ” hunters” chase anything in a long black garment as long as it is not extremely fat. And maybe even that. You never know who fancies what!

I have a black Kurta and I hope to get a black Shalwar Kameez.. but again.. same issue. ” Oh , she is wearing a small abaya!” and the chase begins to stop at my face that stares back with a ” Get out of my face or I punch YOUR face in jerk” expression on it.

Ladies, start the culture of colorful abayas. Long coats. Whatever.. reduce the “black”…please.

NOTE: The picture in this post is taken from .. do go check it out. It is a nice Blog by AISHA and will be nice for women who like presentable Hijab and ideas.

9 thoughts on “Black Abaya

  1. But WHY Do we have to change everything just because guys can’t control themselves. Oh poor u but we are the ones who get to wear the abaya in any color. All because of men’s nature. So we will wear any color we want. Now we dont need to be told to change when we were just getting used to the black.

  2. I agree with Narmeen.I HATE TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO!!!!

    But on the contrary – due you know Bhai that the so called ISLAMIC POLICE – MUTAWWAS etc are the ones holding us back – we had once gone to buy new abayas with a few designs and fashionable ones…and the shops are filled up with black abayas and upon asking why we were told that there was a raid … of them being told in the link below….

    I have been told that they tell that ONLY BLACK ABAYAS are to be worn,where in Islam is it written that only back or plain simple abayas are to be worn.The purpose of an abaya is basically to cover up a woman and her figure so that men aren’t attracted – that same can be done with a Chadar or wearing lose fitting clothes or long coats also…..why only the ABAYA!!

  3. Ladies! Gosh, lol. The post is an observation, an experience and a perception. Not “telling” women not to wear black abayas! By all means wear them. As for men who disrespect women by even a single look of lust, I do not respect them neither do I suggest that you change the color of your abaya for them. Please turn around and slap their faces or hit them with your shoe. You should!
    Noor, lil sister, no one can “tell” you what to do! You should do what YOU know is right and compliant to sharia, if you can. Please do not misinterpret this post. It is an observation and its true. Happens. Different color abayas is just a suggestion.

  4. Saw the post on saudi woman, shocking! Though I will agree that some abayas are not really abayas but fashionable gowns.
    This similar to mutawas reprimands of guys wearing extremely tight jeans.
    You see hijab needs to serve the purpose of hijab, which is to limit unwanted attention and maintain modesty. Some abayas do the opposite. The way the hai’a implemented it maybe harsh and the locking up of a sales clerk is not right, though it is to show the Saudi owners that they will face losses.
    What can one say?

  5. Hey I am all for coloured abayas -i have lived in dubai all my life – your observation and suggestion is RIGHT….but will i or any ladies be spared by the mutawwas for that – we dont know!

    Regarding the link that’s what shocked me the most!I was really really appalled by the fact that the poor shopkeeper was jailed up for that!But i still didn’t get the part where the mutawwa says WHY IS THERE A CHAIR FOR A LADY TO SIT!??!?I mean a customer is supposed to stand her way thru it?What is the sense in that!I love my religion and do a lot of study also but some things jst make me wonder!Whos right and whos wrong!Anazubillah!

  6. Yes, this is ridiculous.. but this happened a couple of years ago. I don’t think its the case anymore. I don’t think Mutawas are interested in the abaya industry anymore.

  7. well its not that long ago its feb 2009 and now go to major malls and all abaaya shop are blacked out except for one place called tayyaba market….so no they have no left the abaya industry alone!

  8. just found your blog!
    The problem with wearing colorful abayas is that its virtually impossible to find them anywhere, so you would have to have it made from scrap and get the fabric yourself. My blue abaya is from an exhibition in Riyadh, Ive never seen any others..but I hate that abayas have to be black and that no one wears anything else, why? Ive never had any problems with my blue one with muttawa, what can they say??

    And regarding the abaya shops, they always hide their more decorative abayas for example in Hayat mall and you have to ask to be able to look at them. In Dirah when muttawa are doing their rounds the abaya stores CLOSE altogether except one that sells only the plain black ones..

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