I knew the minute I set eyes on my son, when he was born,  that from that moment onwards life was not possible without him. That’s me – the father. His mother must feel much more affection for him. I am sure. They say fathers , or men generally, are not that sensitive to kids. They are liars. We are. We love our babies. We love them deeply.
Look at the child in the picture on this post. Do you not want to hold him and just hold him? Such a beautiful child mashallah!
He was left at a hospital! Dumped! Unwanted! In a country close to where we are now. Not here, thank god. Because then I would run to see him. I would seek to raise him and find him a home.
Who could do this? With what heart? How? Why do people do this?
I stare at this picture and so much goes through my mind and so many times my eyes fill with tears!

Even if it is an animal, it does not give up on what it gives birth to. How do humans do it? For an ego. An honor. A fake dignity. A dignity they did not think of when the child was conceived. Fornication was forbidden for a reason. It was forbidden to maintain human identity and right. To maintain dignity. To maintain security.

This child is NOT an orphan. This child has a home somewhere. This child will grow up wondering what he did wrong to get this. Left at birth to be raised by strangers. Always longing for the smell of the mother and the security of a father. The two criminals who thought of nothing but themselves. If they could only see this smile. This half smile. This smile that says ” Where are you mother?”… And as he grows and realizes things.. he will always try to fill that gap. That empty space that was never filled by the affections of his parents. He will not know his lineage. He will not know where he comes from. He will not know so much. He will find it so difficult to define himself.

I do hope that his parents are found. I do hope that Police find them. And MAKE them take this child home, after punishing them.

My heart has cried a lot for this boy. Someone I don’t know. Someone not related to me. Yet, the child of humanity. Our child. All of us.

On a little  journey online, I bumped into a male nurse who worked with my aunt once upon a long time ago when she practiced medicine here in KSA. The best doctor this town has ever known. She had her clinic in Olaya. This man was telling stories of where he has been all these years and then he sent me this picture and told me the story. Not really a story. Just a fact. This child was dumped at a hospital and that is all they know. He also told me of how many children were born under the supervision of my aunt. How she would pray for her patients and how those children are grown ups now. Raised in their homes by their parents. And here is this beautiful baby boy.. alone.

What kind of heart can allow someone to forsake their newborn? It remains a mystery to me. Fear perhaps? Fear of persecution? Fear of punishment? Fear of elders? Can fear be powerful enough for someone to give up on their child? No. How can it be?

I want to find the parents of this baby and shake them and push them and slap their faces and ask them: HOW COULD YOU? WHY WOULD YOU? HOW DARE YOU?

They have words for children born out of wedlock. I don’t believe those children should be called those names. They should be called the “deprived” and the “violated”. They should be loved more and cared for better. All humans should feel responsible for them. All humans should step forward and ask to raise them or help raise them. All humans should search and expose AND FIX their parents. Such secrets should not be kept. Such crimes should be revealed.

Soon, when I will have more time in life, and may God give me that time and enough resources, I will look for such babies. I will make it my business to raise them and I will make it my business to track down their parents. I will show them these kids being raised, but I will NOT let them touch their kid until they cry and beg. Until they FEEL the pain they gave.


Pray this child is blessed and lives a good life ….

hurt , very hurt…

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