Pointless Complaining..and Freedom

My only complain with KSA has been the Citizenship and Visa systems and Status Definitions based on “professions”.. I never cared for the other stuff. I never blamed or complained about the Mutawas. I don’t care about segregation. I don’t care if women can drive or not ( though it would help) and the only thing I totally and utterly find disgusting is men selling lingerie and make up. That is just too GAY! But still, I overlook that.

In my previous post , I was complaining about my parents raising me here and all other parents that have raised their kids here. I want to apologize for that. A parent would not like reading something like that. Parents of my generation, we love you and we do not want you to feel bad. I know I was harsh, but you did what you felt was BEST for us. I know this. And yes, my complaining is POINTLESS.. nothing can be done about anything that has happened. ” Do not make the mistakes I have made”, my father told me some years ago. Of course, he knows where he went wrong and where he was right. He does not need me to tell him this. I had to vent and share and I did, that is why I have this blog. I am a parent too, and I want my child to get the best setup possible. Anyway, forgive me people for my POINTLESS COMPLAINING!

Do a search of blogs in KSA.. the ones that are not blocked. Everyone is complaining. Do a search of blogs in the whole region.. many complaints, criticism and lots of issues.

I heard someone’s blog was blocked recently. I never read that blog. But, I would love to know why it was blocked. I will find out sooner or later. But, as I apologize to my parent and I question them, I would like to ask the blocking authority this: Why not let people vent their frustrations, complaints or views? Because every such post has loads of comments and some of these comments clarify all that is written in the post. Debate online DOES teach people things.

I think that instead of blocking , one should counter. Present an argument that counters what is written , if indeed it is offensive. Because blocking something does not diminish it. People still access it somehow.

Just like banning something does not destroy it.. it just makes it more expensive.

I am talking about FREE people complaining pointlessly. That is life. That is a major human activity on earth.

Someone was complaining about people drinking, gambling and going to Red light areas in ” free” countries. I had this question: If people do not get to exercise their will on earth, where else will they do it? Heaven or Hell? This life is about BEING. And judgement is about the choices we made. If choices were forced on people, then are they to be judged?  I am not being a smart ass by asking this. It’s a genuine question. Also, if will and choices are uniform because of control, then how do I know the abuser from the sincere? They all look the same? Will that not create some amount of fear in people? Who do you trust? In a “free” place, I can know who likes what and does what.

I have been shocked BIG time in the past when some friends of mine met me in a different “free” country. I could swear they were saints here and I saw a wild devil there. The freedom to say and do as we please, reveals our reality to those around us and it enables us to categorize people and then choose our circles. Makes sense?

And in all of these “free” countries.. laws do exist, society IS maintained, and there are some extremely good practicing Muslims also.

I keep writing FREE with quotes like “free” so. .. because I genuinely believe no country on earth is 100% FREE for anyone. There will always be people in every city on earth that will… complain.. POINTLESSLY!

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