People get married, have kids and then seperate, get divorced or become totally insensitive towards each other.
What about the kids? They suffer in all cases. Even if parents don’t divorce or seperate and simply just fight and argue a lot, the kids suffer. We may not see it, but the impact is strong and it lasts a lifetime!
There is only ONE reason for a couple to seperate: selfishness.

We overlook the need to constantly put in an effort in self definition and explanation. We get lost in the current of trend and desire and thus become so self indulgent that our partner becomes someone we take for granted. And, when confronted, we become defensive, forgetting that maybe a soul is reaching out for us without proper expression. Giving in to negativity, overlooking the damage being caused to a child, a life, a family.

Don’t let go of it, marriages are made in heaven and given. You did not achieve it. Love your wife or husband and let this love be the greatest inheritence of your child.

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