Blogs & Work..

“How do you maintain a business, blogs and so many other things? Where do you get the time?” asked someone who works for(with) me last night. Honestly, it sounded like ” How do you manage so many countries all alone?” what I do is no great task nor achievement.. I am still learning.. still growing and still searching. So, no conclusion .. no reward nor punishment yet…

Here is how:

Every moment in our life is an experience. It is either a discovery, a memory, a shock, a reflection or a realization. Whatever it is , it is in the mind at the moment it is being experienced. And, this is the case with every person. Depending on their level of thought and reaction to it, which is based entirely on the beliefs they have established in their heart and the knowledge they possess, each person experiences these moments passing. I do too. And, I express my reaction to them. To people. To situations. I do this through different blogs and forums depending on the experience.

As for business, what business? Riyadh has not been able to challenge me enough. When you are limited in decision or creativity through legislation that limits the expatriate ( I hate to call myself that, but KSA does not want to consider my roots here nor the 45 years we have spent here!), then there are only SO many things you can do. Business challenge is in a society where competition is ON, there is equal opportunity and freedom to discover and create. KSA does not give me that. However, and against all odds, AND of course with the divine help of Allah.. anything is possible. I initiated, established and maintained my business AND I have amazing employees and a great team that takes care of all our activity nationwide.  So maintaining a business is not so difficult if you have the right intention, people and sincerity. The 4 years of initiation and establishing never witnessed a single blog from me nor any other online presence that required expression. Those were years of EXTREMELY hard work and careful strategic development. Years of training, falls and rises. Such is life.

I do not spend much time in writing a post. A post is my reaction to the experience of THAT moment. I do not sit there and think about it, nor do I spend a lot of time analyzing my language and grammar in it ( I make too many mistakes!).. but I express what I feel and see , publish it and back to work. After some days I look at it again and fix the grammar if I have time. Nothing is planned nor thought of .. it is a reaction expressed with  sincerity. Is this not what blogging is supposed to be?  To express.. without thought and then learn from that expression. The intention is never to Judge, malign , criticize or expose.. I am not a journalist. Neither do I have time to live in negativity or hatred. If I do feel negative about something, I express it and then I am relieved. It is out of my system. That is why I started writing blogs. When there was no internet or blogs, I used to write on a piece of paper and put it in a file. Expression through either word, drawing or music. The reaction was expressed and released and now there was room for the next reaction to the next moment and the experience it brought.

That is how I do what I do. No amazing achievement. Just simple me.

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