Black Magic: SICKENING!

I don’t know if they still show it on MBC 1 , but some time ago I saw a program about black magic and its practitioners in the Arab world. Most sickening to be honest. Their claims and practices were absurd.

Ever since I was a kid, I saw a lot of these people. I always wondered one thing though: How come, if they have such powers and powerful “jinns” under their control, they live in poverty. Never saw one living in a palace or driving a Rolls Royce. I mean what the heck kind of power was that?

When I went to Cyprus in 1987, I started to learn about the country, starting from the city I was in , Nicosia, by going all over walking. Sometimes late at night and sometimes all day. It is how I learnt all the streets and knew so many people over the years. It is how I learnt Greek and about Cypriot culture.

It was the fall semester. Almost the end of it. Cold days and nights. Boring sometimes. Especially Green Monday! Everything would be closed. It is like Ramadan at Futoor here.. All quiet. But , this was around midnight ( Normally , there would be some activity in this area even at midnight)  and I was walking around in the old city. I loved the old streets and alleys. Dark , with dim lights every now and then. The cold wind. The adventure was nice. I was also ALL alone.

I walked into an alley and passed several old houses ( made over a hundred years ago).. At a distance, I saw an open window. It was very prominent because there was light coming out of it. There was also some smoke pouring out. Sort of like Bukhoor. I went close to it, curious. Lo and Behold!  A Witch!.. lol. Well, what I saw was a woman ( must have been 50 or above) with black hair, black nail polish.. very fair complexion and BLACK eye shadow plus some more dark make up around the eyes, burning something ( herbs) in a pot. This was right out of a Harry Potter movie ( had no clue what the heck Harry Potter was back then)..

So I stood there looking at her. She looked straight at me, almost trying to scare me. ” I am not Cypriot”.. I said. ” Me Student.. Cyprus College.. NEW…” …She said ” So , what are you doing out at this time in this place ” , In perfect English , with an almost BRRITISH accent, but the Greek in it. ” You speak English!”, I said… She nodded.

I asked her what she was doing. ” I am cursing someone”.. WO!… You are cursing someone? How? I asked. So she told me about spells she knew and about how she did this for a living. FOR A LIVING!!.. She even offered her services to  me, saying she could help me get things.. bla bla.. I told her I am Muslim, I pray only to Allah. I do not ask people or any other creation for anything. ” Each one for his own sunshine”.. she said with a smile… I can NEVER forget her voice and tone. But, overall, she seemed harmless and very dedicated to her task at hand. She offered Hot Chocolate to me.. I told her I needed to go.. and left. Did I feel fear? Yes.. but not intense.

Now, if this lady was here in KSA and got caught, she would be punished for sure. I would even feel sorry for her.. why? Because she was not Muslim. She probably did not know much about Islam anyway. She did not know about Christianity nor any other religion for that matter. I am sure, ALL  Holy Books talk against such practice.

But, what about those that ARE Muslims? What about these people? These that have the claim of : LA ILAHA IL ALLAH.. No God But Allah?

I was watching a debate on a TV show from Pakistan.. it is called XPOSED. The Host ( I respect him a lot).. exposes frauds and so called magicians and 3AAMILS ( Black Magic Practitioners). In one of his shows about the ” Jinn” , one “SHAIKH” called and told him that he had the power to bring a Jinn in the studio and make him possess the host!!.. The Host took the challenge and invited the guy for ” next” weeks show. The next week , this ” Shaikh”, wearing a white turban and looking all holy sat there talking about how he could do this and that. One caller even cursed him and called him a liar.. The “shaikh” responded with curses and that he would make his life miserable.. In the end, no Jinn appeared.. nothing happened and this guy was exposed as HOAX!.. But, get this, “shaikhs” like him make a fortune from the public.. the public that is prone to “SHIRK”. May Allah bless the efforts of  the team of ” XPOSED”…

The practitioner of  Black Magic, and the one that takes services from him are both defined as: MUSHRIK.  Someone that gives the attributes of God to Creation and does anything to get what they want by pleasing them, either financially or otherwise. Go to any extreme.  You must see the news sometimes about the PVPV catching such people in Jeddah and having them arrested. People who cause couples to separate etc…

In Karachi, there is a whole BAZAAR of these people. A whole Market. In fact, there is a whole industry of this in every country and there is no control over it. It is only here , in Saudi Arabia, that they work underground and more often than not, get caught.

Why do I find it sickening?

Because , there is absolutely nothing good nor positive about these people, their craft and their minds. They abuse ignorant people. They take their money and even abuse some women physically in the name of CURING.

Here are some facts:

The EYE.. is due to telling people what is your personal thing. Due to showing off and due to looking down on others for no reason. Possession is because of ABSOLUTE internal Denial of A God and lack of Submission to Him. Negative energies surround you in this state of mind and cause negativity all around you.

You do not need to go to such people to get cures. The cures are all there in the Holy Book. The wisdom is there. Establish prayer and do good to people. You WILL be protected.

It saddens me to see people rush to these fakes to get worldly benefits. Or, to give life to the burning jealousy in their hearts. It is a sad thing. Because, almost always, it backfires. I do not want to get into the ugly tales of practices in black magic… but they are truly sick.

Keeping the mind and life simple and understanding basic belief and practices of one’s religion AND applying them is sufficient to give one a peaceful life.  Why get into all this?

I wrote this post to make two points:

1. To tell anyone who reads this that Black Magic or ANY practice not approved by the Quran is ONLY Harmful and has no benefit. This is a curse on Muslims today. They use every medium to practice this. Whole nations are corrupted now.

2. To compliment Saudi Arabia on fighting this in this day and age AGGRESSIVELY.  I hope they keep it up and keep locking up such persons.

Be pleasant, be Happy.. do not waste life on negativity, please. Have Faith.

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