A guy opened the perfect restaurant in the perfect location with a huge investment. Everyone said it would be great business. It failed miserably. It even has issues with the Municipality.

What happened?
The owner cannot figure it out. Others said it was cursed.
It is.
You see, a businessman lives a difficult life. Though he is in charge of his time and he is the boss, his responsibility is great. So are his trials.
Cursed is anything that was built over someone’s right. Anything that caused pain to someone innocent. What you say or do with someone is important. Everything counts. To avoid honesty, responsibility and respect of others is to invite their curses into our lives.
Though everyone’s curses may not be effective, the innocent person’s are.
How can you possibly ensure that no one will get hurt by you? You cannot. That’s why communication should be complete. This means, make sure that you apologize after talking to someone rudely. Do not nurture grudges. Do not hide your heart and be as polite as possible.
What will save you from enemies and liars? Your policy. Policy based on fair treatment to all.
Basically, ensure that you are not being or are unfair to another human being, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you. Belittle no one.
Then work on perception. Why are you in business? Question and define your intention. It matters.
You can tell me that some real jerks are enjoying good businesses. Yes, they are. But their problems will be much more intense at some point . Never go on appearance, you cannot know what their real story is. Curses do not have to manifest themselves in the form of business loss. Anything can happen.
So please, be very cautious in dealing with people. Do not think that compassion and forgiveness will give you loss. They are a reason and source for gain. And, time does tell you that…

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