Bahrain: HOOHAA!!

I love Bahrain. It is a wonderful Island with Wonderful people. What do I love about Bahrain?

I love the peace. I love the freedom. I love the people. I love talking to the locals. I love exploring Bahrain. I love that most of the Policemen there can speak Urdu. They are mostly from Pakistan. Bahrain feels like home.

But.. THURSDAY NIGHT!!!… the terror starts.

My Last Visit To Bahrain:

I stayed at a hotel called .. oops.. I forgot the name.. But , it is called something “tower”.. It has a nice Moroccan restaurant in the lobby. The food is nice.  I stayed there once.

I met a guy in the lobby. Totally drunk. In fact, he used to be drunk day and night.

So I asked him one day , while having my morning coffee and while he had his whiskey.. why he drank SO much. ” I enjoy the feeling of freedom and I want to remain in it”. But, drinking is not freedom , it is confinement. You confine your mind to stupidity. He laughed and said, you will not understand.. just go to the top floor of this hotel tonight and you will see.

I did. Two night clubs. One was empty.. the other was FULL.  At the entrance were two Bahraini women and a man. The people who sold the tickets.  Hussain, the guy.. dressed in jeans and a white shirt sat with the tickets and immediately started to give me one. I declined telling him I just wanted to see what is going on inside.

One of the ladies escorted me in. Inside.. a wild party was going on. Men were throwing money like it was nothing. Hundreds of thousands of Saudi Riyals flying around the stage over women dancing. All seats full. All tables full. All kinds of spirit, beer and food. I can easily say that at least a few hundred thousand Riyals were distributed that evening, if not over a million!

A guy came running towards the hostess, almost crying. He begged her to allow another drink, and she said : You know you have to pay!.. So he said he would go to the ATM and get the cash.. grumbling in arabic: Ya Allah, my last 2000. I stopped him. I asked him what he meant by last 2000. He said he received his salary yesterday in Dammam, and so far he spent all of it except for 2000 , which was going now. He was too drunk to discuss anything, so I held back and let him go.


This is not freedom. This is ridiculous. What has driven these men to this ? He spent ALL he made in a single club in a few hours. On what? A few fatsos dancing on stage? A song? A bottle?

Freedom is being able to discover the mind and it’s amazing qualities. Freedom, has to be redefined to people here. Families find freedom there in women being able to drive and take kids to the mall without the men having to worry about them .. walk around without disturbance.. that is freedom we all enjoy and what is missing here.. but that’s about it!

Drinking, dancing and screwing your ear drums with loud , crappy music is NOT freedom. It is a prison worse than any prison. The crying man running for the 2000 looked worse than a prisoner in prison for no reason. He looked hurt, angry and frustrated. I am sure , that if in this condition, he did something stupid.. he would be in trouble by the law. And that happens too each thursday evening in Bahrain.

Do we blame KSA? Bahrain? NO. We blame education, upbringing and the perceptions given to these men. A life without a mission.  A life without a goal. A life dedicated to low down pleasures that cause pain later. A lack of Iman and submission to desire. Destruction of the soul. That is all I see in most of  these weekly visitors to Bahrain, Dubai and other places around the world.

Even while I was in Cyprus I used to see that the biggest buyers of booze, visitors of night clubs were our own men. Saudis, Pakistanis, and other Arabs. More than any other nation!!!..

What can I say?

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