Try your best..

At least 3 people were shocked last week because I told them I would do something for them and I did it. They were totally shocked. Though what I promised was something small.. they were shocked that I kept my word. Now, I was SHOCKED that they were shocked. And when we all finally got over the shock, I asked what was SO shocking about this?

According to them, many people never DO as they SAY. Most people , in fact.

This got me thinking. I started thinking of all the people who said something to me and never actually did it.  And when I started thinking, a lot of people came to my mind. Even one of those 3!..

Why do we say things we never intend to or CAN do? What is the point in it? Of course, if someone said they will do something for me and then came back and said that they will not be able to do it.. I would really not mind. But, if we are talking about me, I really do not care what someone said they will do and never did , because I had no expectation to begin with. That’s just me.

People do not come on time, keep their word or say what they TRULY mean. Even for the smallest thing. Why? What mental disease is this? What is wrong with saying: I will try but I cannot promise..?  Apparently , people even say BS about IMPORTANT things. So, a great deal of disappointment going around and thus the mistrust.

People no longer trust people easily. I have had to face so much mistrust from people and I used to wonder what the heck is wrong with them. I now know.

Keeping your word is a BIG deal now.

Honestly, there have been many times when I promised to do something for someone and was unable to do it. But, I have apologized and stated my reason or limitation. And, every time this happened, I smacked myself for DECLARING that I will do something and not promising that I will try my best. Once, I say I will try my best.. I must try my best. And, as a dialogue in an Indian movie goes : Promises are often broken, but efforts are usually successful! ( Uttered by Amitabh Bachchan in a nice movie called ” Sharabi”)

Yes, say what you mean and mean what you say and try to do it if you said you will. Try your VERY BEST.

This will give great inner peace and respect from people.

I pray that I never find myself being questioned for not doing what I said I will… I do pray for that.

INN SHA’A ALLAH.. If GOD WILLS. This is said by Muslims to confirm our human limitation and  the MIGHT of Allah.. not to avoid doing something  we promised!  Just Saying Inshallah does not give us the excuse to NOT try our very best. Because, Allah Himself has said clearly in the Quran that he HATES people saying something and NOT doing it. ” Lima Taqooloona ma LA Taf3aloon”… Why do you say what you are not DOING?… So, it may just be that you say Allah did not WILL it, but in reality YOU did not try hard enough!

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